5 Fall Accessories Trends to Try


The color of the leaves are changing, I’ve broken out all of my burnt orange clothes and my house is covered in decorative pumpkins. This can only mean one thing: fall is officially in full gear! And let me tell you, with all of the cute sweaters, jeans and dresses out right now, it’s been SO HARD for me to not buy alllll the new fall things, lol. But since I’d like to retire someday, I’ve been turning to accessories to help me restyle my wardrobe. It’s such an easy way to get on trend without totally replacing your closet. And effortless, too… at least for you. I’ve already dug through the internet to find the best pieces at the best prices. 😉 So here are 5 fall accessories trends to try mixing and matching with pieces you already own this year.

5 Fall Accessories Trends to Try

Wool Hats

Wool hats are super flattering and so easy to style (here are some tips). They can take even the most basic outfit up a few notches, adding a trendy touch with little effort. And there are plenty of great ones at great prices! I have this one ($39) and I absolutely love it! But us girls like to have options, right? So here are the wool hats I think are worth taking a look at.


I read recently that short girls should avoid belts altogether. Nope, not true! While I do advise that shorter girls lean towards skinnier belts, you do you. Obviously, Gucci belts are super trendy right now. But they are definitely more of an investment piece, so here are some options that are still super cute and affordable.

Coin Necklaces

Layered coin necklaces are huge right now! While you could buy a bunch of different ones and customize your own look, I prefer those that come as one piece. They’re just less of a hassle! The lengths line up, the layers coordinate, and best of all they don’t get as tangled (at least from my experience). Here are a few solid options to try.


If there’s any new trend you try this year, let it be this one! I tend to avoid flats because most cut into the back of my feet. But since mules are backless, they’ve been total game changers for me. I’ve had these studded mules on repeat ever since I purchased them. (Seriously, they’re in this post, and this one, too, lol!). I’m truly surprised I’ve gotten as much use out of them as I have.

Biker Jackets

The cutest, most affordable biker jackets are at H&M – hands down! Throwing one of these babes on will up your outfit game instantly. And just because they look edgy doesn’t mean you have to be super edgy to wear one. Like anything, if you’re a bit intimidated, just keep the rest of your outfit simple and you’ll slowly warm up to it.

So there you have it, my 5 fall accessories trends to try this year! Let me know which one(s) you have rocked or plan to by commenting below!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading! I hope to see you again soon.