Affordable Christmas Gifts for Friends

Affordable Christmas Gifts for Friends 2018


I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving! But to cater to those who start their holiday shopping early, I’ve decided to start publishing my 2018 gift guides! If you want to bookmark this and come back to it because you’re not ready to hear about Christmas yet, by all means, please do. I won’t judge you! As long as you don’t judge those of us who start celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween. 😉

To kick things off, today I’m sharing 13 affordable gifts for friends. Everything is under $30, and most items are well under! So take a peek, let me know if you have any questions, and please share if you like what you see. I’m sure your loved ones appreciate knowing what you’re into – it’ll make their shopping experience more pleasant, too!

Affordable Christmas Gifts for Friends

Affordable Christmas Gifts for Friends

1. Sephora Contour Blush Set (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

For only $28, this blush set is highly rated (4.5/5 stars) and includes 6 versatile shades for work and for play.

2. Dainty Initial Necklace (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

The dainty jewelry trend is still alive and well, and this sterling initial necklace (comes in gold and silver) is only $29! These can be worn alone, but they also look super cute when they’re layered with other dainty necklaces.

3. Girl Wash Your Face Hardback Book (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

Everyone needs a little reminder as to how wonderful, capable and worthy they truly are! And this book has provided me with that and then some. It’s easily been my favorite read of the year, and it’s under $20!

4. Chunky Knit Blanket (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

I mean who doesn’t like to cozy up on the couch during this time of year? And this super trendy, chunky knit blanket is legit 1/4 of the price of most. It comes in a bunch of colors, too!

5. Scrunchie Set (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

Yup, scrunchies are back in style! I love how rich the colors are on this set specifically. They’ll work for both blondes and brunettes, and they’ll add a fun little punch of color to any outfit.

6. Mini Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

The matte colors included in this palette are gorgeous and super pigmented. So even though this is a mini palette, it’ll go a long way! Not to mention the size is perfect for packing in your purse or travel bag.

7. Colorful Hoop Earrings (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

You guys, these are a more affordable version of my all time favorite earrings (the ones I linked here and here). As I’ve mentioned, they go with far more than you’d think! Perfect for sprucing up any basic or adding some extra glitz to an already glamorous look.

8. Melted Matte Lipstick (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

These matte lipsticks come in so many flattering colors, and they are my all-time favorites. Why? Because they go on smooth and do not overdry – two qualities a bunch of other matte lipsticks I’ve tried lack. They are long lasting, too! I’ve worn these to weddings, dinners, happy hours, etc. with minimal touch ups needed.

9. Spill Proof Coffee Mug (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

I can’t even take credit for finding this, haha. One of my friends recommended this spill proof coffee mug to me about a year ago and I’ve gifted it several times since. It’s brilliant!! There’s a button at the top that allows you to lock the mug, so you can literally throw it in your bag without having to worry.

10. Corkcicle Champagne Flute (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

Because keeping champagne cold is v important. Enough said. 😉 (BTW, this comes in a pretty white color, too!!)

11. Black Pom Beanie (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable pom beanie since last winter, so when I stumbled upon this one I bought it in 2 colors because I love the fit and the quality! It comes in a bunch of other solid hues and some patterns, too.

12. Voluspa Candle Set (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

The candles smell just as pretty as they look!

13. Faux Fur Slippers (CLICK HERE TO SHOP)

Cute and cozy slippers are a fall/winter must-have! These ones come in multiple colors and prints and are at total steal at $29!!

I hope this list of affordable Christmas gifts for friends has helped you to check someone off of your holiday shopping list! Check back next week for more gift guides and other helpful holiday shopping posts. And if you want to be alerted when these posts go live, be sure to subscribe here. I’m doing a bunch of EXCLUSIVE giveaways this holiday season that are ONLY for my MVS readers, so subscribing to my newsletter is the best way to stay in the loop.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. I hope to see you again soon.