You’ll Love These Amazon Muslin Bandana Bibs, Here’s Why

Amazon muslin bandana bibs

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If you have a baby, you’ll love these Amazon muslin bandana bibs I recently started using!

Like most babies, Luca drools sooo much, lol! And as we’ve been working to find the formula that works best for him, he’s been spitting up a lot too.

Because of this we were going through 5-6 bibs a day easily. Well, at least the single layer ones.

So I took to Amazon to see if there was a thicker option. Something he wouldn’t soak through in under an hour. And I ended up finding this set of double layered muslin bandana bibs that can also function as burp cloths!

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I love that they come in so many pretty colors, and of course that they’re so stylish. But more than anything I love that they actually work! They’re a nice, thick, absorbent quality. And when one side gets too dirty, we just flip it around to extend the use.

The other thing we love about these Amazon muslin bandana bibs is that they snap to two different neck sizes, so they can grow with your baby. Oh, and they’re made of 100% organic cotton!

These Amazon muslin bandana bibs are just so convenient. Not to mention that they’ve cut Luca’s laundry pile in half. I’m all about having less to wash and fold – how about you? 😉

Click here to check out these muslin bandana bibs on Amazon. Or click on the pictures below!

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