The Best Gifts for Men 2017 [According to my Husband]

The Best Gifts for Men 2017

Hey, friends! Since a ton of you have asked for a gift guide for men, today I’m delivering. I apologize for not being more proactive with these. Honestly, since so many other bloggers do gift guides I figured mine would just get lost in the shuffle. But when you ask me to do something, I answer. So Dane (my husband) and I sat down to put together today’s post – “Best Gifts for Men 2017”. It was actually really fun getting Dane’s input, and he was super excited to help. He loves fashion as much as I do!

We did our best to choose items at a variety of price points (still great quality, though, I’m a stickler for that!). If there’s anything you see that you love, but need to find a little cheaper, don’t hesitate to comment and let me know!! I’m a good bargain hunter, haha, and I’d be happy to help. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy. More than anything, I hope this helps you check some guys off your list!

FYI – Just scroll through the images and click on them to shop.

Oh, and PS – If you need stocking stuffer ideas for him, you can find a bunch under $15 right here. All the rest of my holiday-oriented posts can be found here

Best Gifts for Men 2017: Tops & Outerwear

Henley’s and hoodies are Dane’s go-to, but we both like trying to find things that are equally classic and contemporary. Items that have longevity, but are also unique! Patagonia and Abercrombie (which actually has great sales!!) seem to always have items that fit our criteria. Here are some solid options…


Best Gifts for Men 2017: Bottoms

I know it sounds weird because we’re like 30, lol, but American Eagle seriously has some awesome deals on jeans and joggers. The quality of both are great, they wash well and they’re comfortable (so says Dane). He actually has all of these. More colors are available if you’re not feeling the ones below.


Best Gifts for Men 2017: Practical Items

Here are some cool “everyday” items we found! Those Sunski sunglasses are only $55, and Dane’s obsessed with his!! He has a hard time finding sunglasses that work well on his thin face, and these look perfect – not too big, not too small. I also have to point out the coffee mug. Our friend, Taylor, recently recommended this one to us and we both love it. It’s completely spill proof and even locks! I throw it in my purse, which of course is always being tossed around, and I’ve not had any accidents. Anyways, practical gifts are smart because you know they’ll be used!


Best Gifts for Men 2017: Electronics

What guy doesn’t love electronics? When I asked Dane what we should add here he started rattling off so many things I’d never heard of. How do they learn of all these things?! LOL!! I have to say, the Nintendo Switch does look pretty cool. I added that Mario game because Dane said he’s heard great things. Finally, we take our portable speaker on EVERY trip, so I included a waterproof one by JBL (for the pool and beach, duh!).