10 Best Purse Brands for Affordable, Luxe Looking Finds

From Louis Vuitton to Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, people seem to be investing more in luxury handbags these days and I totally get the hype!

The timeless styles of these popular luxury bags make them keepsakes that can be worn on repeat.

But I’ve learned from experience that not all luxe bags have a hefty price tag.

There are some great, affordable designer bags out there that can withstand the test of time – their price range being a small fraction of the luxury purses I mentioned.

So if you’re looking for a new bag, scroll down for my list of the best purse brands for affordable, luxe looking finds.

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Purses from some of the best purse brands for affordable, luxe looking finds including: Coach, Tory Burch, Hammitt, Marc Jacobs, and Kate Spade.

Best Purse Brands Affordable and Luxe

Coach Bags

Coach is a favorite affordable bag brand of mine. They’re known for creating high-quality leather goods in classic designs, from shoes and wallets to work bags and other fashion accessories. But they seriously have some of the best purses, especially everyday bags!

If I had to recommend one specific Coach bag style, it’d be their tote bags. They’re such an affordable price, and they’re super versatile. I’ve used mine as a work bag, carry on bag, beach bag, and even diaper bag.

Here are some cute Coach bags to consider…

Tory Burch Bags

Tory Burch is another favorite affordable handbag brand of mine. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’ve been rocking the same black Tory Burch crossbody bag for the past 3 years, lol! It’s seriously the perfect small bag for everyday use. And, despite how much I’ve worn it, it still looks brand new. For a leather bag that cost me under $200 (I snagged it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), I couldn’t ask for more!

These are some of my current favorite styles by Tory Burch. They would all be great options if you’re building a capsule wardrobe!

Rebecca Minkoff Bags

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know that I think Rebecca Minkoff is one of the best purse brands for affordable, luxe finds. I’ve been a huge fan for a long time! It’s one of those popular handbag brands that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of.

Rebecca Minkoff leather handbags are so unique and distinct. And the best part is that they last! I have some that are 6+ years old that I still use. That’s why this is one of my personal top brands for affordable, high-quality finds.

Here are my favorite Rebecca Minkoff bags that are currently available…

Hammitt Bags

Hammit is one of those affordable luxury brands that I don’t think many people know about. They have a wide variety of bags that are equally functional, beautiful and unique. I’ve owned several and I’ve loved them all!

That said, if you’re looking for the best affordable designer bags that are not mainstream, check this brand out. You can purchase on the Hammitt website or at Dillard’s department store.

Pixie Mood Bags

If you prefer vegan bags, Pixie Mood bags are the way to go!! They have a more classic style, and they truly feel like luxury goods. They’re the best affordable handbags in the vegan handbag category that I’ve found.

While I got mine from a boutique, you can find Pixie Mood bags on Amazon. Here are some of my current favorites…

Michael Kors Bags

Michael Kors is a brand name know by many, and for good reason! They offer classic, yet stylish bags at an affordable price point.

Over the years, my Michael Kors Bag collection has included several crossbody bags and a shoulder bag. All of which have seen TONS of use. Here are a few you would be able to wear nonstop…

Kate Spade Bags

While Kate Spade New York bags tend to be a little more eccentric, the stylish purses never seem to go out of style. They’re the perfect match for someone who likes to stand out.

Here are some of the Kate Spade bags I’m loving right now. They definitely have brighter colors, and even more unique styles, on their website. But you all should know by now that I gravitate towards neutral, simple styles. 😉

Marc Jacobs Bags

When I think of Marc Jacobs, I think of high fashion. But they actually have some of the best affordable designer handbags! One of my favorites being their popular, genuine leather crossbody bag with a removable strap. It’s such a stylish handbag, but it’s classic enough to keep and use for years.

My current favorites include the following…


Madewell is a popular fashion brand, but they also have some great handbags!! They are truly one of the best purse brands for affordable, simple leather goods. So if you’re into very basic styles, like those below, they have the perfect bag selection for you. They look, feel, and function like a luxury item, too.

Ted Baker London

Last, but certainly not least, Ted Baker London is one of the best purse brands for affordable, high-quality finds. They offer both classic and eclectic styles, all of which are equally cute and versatile.

Here are a few to peek at…

I hope this roundup helped you to discover the best purse brands for affordable, luxe finds.

If you didn’t find something that you love, you could also check out stores like Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off 5th as they tend to offer quality goods at great prices.

Regardless, you definitely don’t have to spend a ton of money to look higher end. Even some of the best designer handbags come at affordable price points.

All that being said, if you’re into affordable, high-quality finds, don’t be a stranger – I share them regularly on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok.

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