Classic Summer Style: 10 Warm Weather Staples Your Closet Needs

As my blog name might suggest, I’m all about building a wardrobe based on versatility. In my opinion – if you can’t wear a piece multiple ways, what’s the point in investing in it? And this is especially true during the summer. It’s the shortest season, yet for many the busiest. So while buying a ton of summer clothes just doesn’t make sense, investing in a summer capsule wardrobe does! Here are 10 pieces you need to nail that classic summer style.

Classic Summer Style: 10 Warm Weather Staples Your Closet Needs

Classic Summer Style
Classic Summer Style
Classic Summer Style
Classic Summer Style
Classic Summer Style

1. A Black Maxi Dress

The amazing thing about maxis is not only do they require next to no effort (while still making you look put together), but they also hide any “I can’t believe I forgot to shave” situations. We’ve all been there… Right?

PS: The first one listed below is this one that I recently posted in the app [here’s the post in case you missed it]! It was also a part of my recent Amazon dress haul

2. A White Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is just as appropriate for the beach as it is for brunch, and also universally flattering. Oh, and why white? To make your tan pop, of course!

Pst… If you’re looking for the one I’m wearing, it’s this one from Forever 21. But be warned, it’s a little short on me and I’m 5’1. Which is why I’ve given you some other options below!

3. A Basket Bag

There’s a reason why you’re seeing this trend on literally every blogger—bring a little bit of natural flair to your look with one of these super chic woven handbags.

4. Espadrille Wedges

They instantly dress up a casual look, are super comfortable, and of course, add a little height (which I could always use more of).

5. Oversized Sunglasses

They’re a bold fashion statement that also happen to do a great job at hiding no makeup days and cringe-worthy sunburns. #WinWin

6. Nude Sandals

I keep mine by the door all summer long because I wear them so frequently. Why wouldn’t I? They pretty much match everything! 

7. Denim Shorts (Or Skirt!)

A good pair of denim shorts has been an essential since we could walk, and there’s no reason to disregard them now. If you’re not a shorts person – some aren’t – the denim skirt is making a major comeback and I think it’s here to stay.

8. A Tote Bag

From your wallet to a good book, you can fit pretty much everything you’ll need on any given summer day in a cute, easygoing tote.

9. Statement Earrings

Playful accessories are what take the more essential items on this list to the next level. Personally, I love anything with a fun fringe and/or a punch of color. They really stand out, especially against neutrals. 

10. A Denim Jacket

Ideal to throw on when the temps cool down at night, because you can pair it with anything and it’ll look like it was part of the look all along. (Psst… You can learn more about my love affair with denim jackets – and see 13+ ways to wear them – here.)

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