12 Affordable Places to Buy Cute Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

Cute gender neutral baby clothes used to be one of those specialty items you could only find at expensive boutiques.

But over the past few years they’ve slowly become more mainstream and affordable, and I’m SO here for it!

First, I love that gender neutral baby clothes can typically be mixed and matched for a variety of outfit options.

And second, I appreciate that they’re more classic in style, so they can be used for baby number one and all future babies to come.

In a nutshell, gender neutral baby clothes give you the best bang for your buck. And because of their longevity, they’re better for the environment!

So whether you’re purchasing them for yourself or for a baby shower gift, you can rest assured that gender neutral baby clothes are totally worth the investment.

Here are 12 stores I’ve personally found to have great options…

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The Best Places to Buy Gender Neutral Baby Clothes


On the Carters website there’s a category called “baby neutral” that showcases all of their gender neutral baby clothing options. They also have a brand called “Little Planet” that offers classic baby clothes, like knit sweater sets and sleepers, in gorgeous neutral colors.


BuyBuyBaby has a ton of unisex newborn sets and other gender neutral options. You just have to use their filters to really narrow things down.

Cotton On Kids

Cotton On offers a lot of basics for babies and kids. So while they don’t have a specific category dedicated to gender neutral baby clothes at the moment, a lot of their pieces can go both ways.

H&M Baby

H&M Baby is one of the places I find myself shopping at more and more often. They have SO many cute sets and are super affordable. However, they tend to sell out quickly, so you have to check their inventory often to get the best options and the right sizes.

A collage featuring cute gender neutral baby clothes from Carters.
A collage featuring cute gender neutral baby clothes from H&M baby.

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Some of the cutest, most unique gender neutral baby clothes I’ve found have come from Etsy. And while they’re typically a little more expensive, I think it’s totally worth it to be able to support small businesses and makers.


Target used to be one of my least favorite places to buy baby clothes because they used to only offer pieces with corny graphics and sayings, lol. But don’t sleep on them! Now they have an entire category on their website dedicated to baby gender neutral clothing.


I’m not going to lie, Gap can be a little pricey. BUT they have great sales pretty much weekly, even in their baby neutral shop. I highly recommend signing up for their emails and rewards program to get the best prices. In fact, I’d do that for all of the stores listed here!

Gap Factory

If you love the vibe of Gap but can’t do the prices, checkGap Factory. While they don’t have a gender neutral baby clothing section specifically, they definitely offer unisex pieces. And, like Gap, they have great sales. I’m talking major discounts on top of the outlet store prices!!

Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma is definitely more of a baby boutique compared to some of the other options I’ve listed. As such, they can be a little more expensive. However, they have some super fun baby accessories. And they also offer some cute basics bundles that are great for baby shower gifts. They’re totally worth a looksy! 😉

Hannah Anderson

Like Cotton On, Hannah Anderson has lots of baby basics that can be mixed and matched. They also have some of the most adorable holiday pajamas I have ever seen, FYI! They even have matching family pajamas, which I’m personally a total sucker for, lol!

Old Navy

Old Navy actually offers unisex clothing for all ages, babies included! They’re definitely one of the frontrunners when it comes to affordable, gender neutral clothing. And as if their prices are not already great, they also have awesome sales.


Walmart is one of those retailers that doesn’t quite market their gender neutral baby clothing options yet, but they do have them if you type that phrase into their search bar.

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Currently, these 12 stores are the best places to buy neutral baby clothes in my opinion! But I’ll continue to add to this list as I make new discoveries.

That said, be sure to pin this post on Pinterest to keep it handy. And while you’re there, be sure to follow me on Pinterest for lots of tips and tricks. My ultimate goal is to help you make your life easier and more sustainable, and my Pinterest page has lots of great ideas as to how to do just that!

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Oh, and if you have any questions or want to add any gender neutral clothing stores to this list, please feel free to comment below!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. Come back soon!