The Best Gifts for Men Under $10 (25+ Shoppable Ideas)

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to acknowledge the men in your life this holiday season. In fact there are lots of great gifts for men under $10 out there, practical gifts and unique gifts included. Sometimes it just takes a friend like me to help you get your wheels turning.

That’s why I decided to tackle this topic as part of my holiday shopping gift guides this year. I genuinely enjoy helping you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, no matter what your budget is!

So whether you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for your hubs, a secret Santa gift for your coworker, or a novelty gift for a family member – scroll on down! Below I’ve rounded up a bunch of great gifts for men under $10 you can give this year!

A collage of gifts for men under $10 including a key chain bottle opener, blue light glasses, reusable lunch bag, bar soap, lip balm for men, hot sauce, moisturizing face mask, and boot socks.
All prices are subject to change.

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Lip Balm

This is one of those cheap gifts that will undoubtedly be appreciated and used! To make the gesture feel extra special, go with a high quality formula (like Aveda’s Lip Saver) rather than a drugstore brand.

Bottle Opener

There are so many cool bottle openers on Etsy, and many of them can be customized too! I’ve linked a few I thought were unique that also had excellent reviews.

Hot Sauce

Don’t sleep on hot sauces – they make great gifts! The Marshall’s Haute Sauce Gift Set from Williams Sonoma includes 4 sauces for $39, so you could break it up and get 4 gifts out of it if you wanted to! Or you can check out the selection at World Market. They always have some fun, affordable flavors!

Moisturizing Face Masks

Guys get dry skin, too! Especially in the winter. That said, moisturizing face masks make a great gift!

Other Beauty Products

If face masks are a no go for you, what about other beauty products – like fancy bar soap or a grooming kit?

If the guy you’re buying for travels often, you could also do a few mini beauty products (deodorant, moisturizer, body wash, etc.) for their toiletry bag! All of those things would make great small gifts, IMO.

Pocket Knife

This is another one of those gifts for men under $10 that you can find – and completely personalize – on Etsy!

Restaurant Gift or Grocery Store Gift Card

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through food! That said, don’t think a restaurant or grocery store gift card (like to Whole Foods) is a cop out. It’ll be extra appreciated on a busy day when a quick lunch or dinner is necessary. Or when they just don’t feel like cooking!

Reusable Lunch Bags

On the subject of food, a reusable lunch bag is the perfect present for someone who packs their lunch or wants to start.

Inspirational Quote Print

Inspirational quote prints make for great office and/or home decor, and they’re also super affordable gifts! You can buy downloadable files on Etsy to print at home or at your local print shop.

Something for Their Pet

If you’re buying for a pet lover, consider getting something for their pet. Be it treats or a collar, they’ll be extra excited that you didn’t just think of them, but that you thought of their best friend!

Credit Card Holder

Everyone has credit cards, or at the very least a debit card. Therefore, they need a credit card holder! Once again, Etsy is the place to go for these if you want to get the highest quality for the lowest price.

Free Babysitting

Free babysitting for date nights or other outings is a practical gift any father would truly appreciate! You can buy printable coupons off Etsy and print/gift as many as you’d like.

Cocktail Mixers

What’s better than an at home happy hour, especially during the cold winter months? A nice cocktail mixer that he can add to his home bar collection is a great gift idea, IMO!

Beard Brush

If he has a beard, he needs a beard brush! Target has some really nice options for under $10. If you can spend a few more bucks, I’d recommend getting a customized beard brush off Etsy.

A Cool Tool

Cool tools, like this magnetic wristband tool belt, also make good gifts!

Blue Light Glasses

These are great for any guy who gets a lot of screen time (which I think is pretty much everyone these days, no?!). Walmart has some super trendy options with great reviews for under $10.

Nice Socks

You truly can’t go wrong with a nice pair of socks! I love buying them from Gap because they always have fun styles at a great price point. You just have to be sure to apply the coupon codes (which they always seem to have) at checkout.

I hope these gifts for men under $10 helped you get through your Christmas gift list on the cheap!

If you have any other inexpensive gift ideas for men, please feel free to comment below! I love hearing your ideas, and they definitely help other readers as they search for cheap Christmas gifts, too.

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