Heart Sweaters for Women

Today marks exactly one month until Valentine’s Day. And while you’d think that you’d still have plenty of time to snag one of those festive heart sweaters, they’re already flying off the shelves. I just ordered this one [an online exclusive]  from American Eagle, and there are only two sizes left! So before you all miss the boat, today I’ve rounded up a bunch of cute, affordable heart sweaters for you.

Heart Sweaters for Women

Obviously, I don’t own all of these [who needs 20 heart sweaters? lol]. But know that anything I post here I’ve: 1. seen in person, or 2. read positive reviews on. So be sure to look at size charts and such to get the right fit. Especially if you find something at a store you’ve never shopped at.

I promise to post some heart sweater outfit inspiration once the pieces I’ve ordered come in [although I can tell you now, all of these would look adorbs with a pair of these sneakers]. But again, I didn’t want all of your to miss out on these pieces. So without any further ado, here are a bunch of heart sweaters to consider for your Valentine’s Day outfit this year.

FYI: Be sure to check the top of the website you’re shopping on for discount codes and other offers. I know Banana Republic is 40% off today, and a few of these options are from there. 

Heart Sweaters for Women



Just so you girls know, I’ll continue to edit this portion if/as I find new heart sweaters. As always, I’ll update you on my Instagram page when changes are made, so be sure to follow me there!

Thank you from the bottom heart for stopping by! I hope to see you again soon.