How to Wear Black and Blue Clothing Together

wear black and blue together
wear black and blue together
wear black and blue together
I’ve heard so many people say that black and blue don’t match, but I just can’t agree. While I think navy goes well with cognac or nude, the more popular pairings, I think it can look even better with black – especially in the fall and winter. It just takes a bit more effort when coordinating.
If you want to step up your style by paring these two unexpected hues together creatively and cohesively, listen up. Here are 4 tips for wearing black and blue clothing together.
1. First, you’ll want to follow the 80/20 rule. 
Personally, I think black and navy blue look best together when the 80/20 rule is followed (or at least 75/25). This means that 80% of the overall outfit should be one of the colors and 20% of the outfit should be the other – or others. That 20% can include hints of other hues, like forrest green or mustard, that add an additional, subtle pop.
2. Find a piece that already includes both colors.
This is especially easy in the fall and winter months when deep-colored plaid fabrics are covering everything from slacks to slippers. Simply purchase a piece that already incorporates navy and black, like my plaid skirt above (EXACT/SIMILAR/SIMILAR), then pull it together with other solids. The black in my skirt is not as noticeable as the blue hues, so following the 80/20 rule I decided to have blue lead this look. In this, I added a solid navy sweater on top (EXACT), then did black tights and booties on the bottom. The skirt helps to break up the two colors, but also helps them flow into each other for an overall cohesive look.
3. Color Block
If you can’t find a pair of pants or a skirt that already incorporates black and blue, try color blocking! You can do an all navy top with a black skirt, or vice versa. To ensure a clean look, try to keep your bottoms consistent with anything else you wear on the bottom. For instance, if you’re going to do a black skirt, keep your tights and/or shoes black as well – at least to start! As you get used to wearing the colors together, you’ll probably want to play around a bit. But this strategy will ensure a clean look until you start getting the pairing down.
4. Accessorize 
Accessories – like scarves, belts, earrings – are great for pulling looks together. If you find that your outfit is leaning more towards a 60/40 ratio than an 80/20, try adding solid accessories in your lead color choice to balance things out. If you’re leery about wearing navy blue and black together in general, accessories are also a great place to start. Find some that incorporate both colors and slowly add them to all navy or all black outfits. Once you get used to seeing the colors together, then perhaps you’ll want to try putting together a look that’s a bit more tricky.
Do you wear blue and black together? Would you rather not? Share your thoughts in the comments! 
Xx, Meach