My Fall Makeup Must Haves

Fall Makeup Must Haves


Recently, I’ve been getting more and more questions about my favorite makeup products, makeup tips, etc. I’ve always been a huge fan of makeup and constantly played with my moms when I was younger. I would legit come home from school, grab her makeup bag and a fashion magazine, and stand in front of the mirror until I nailed a new trend. So I’m not quite sure why I’ve been so hesitant to talk about makeup on here, but I want to change that! Which is why I’ve decided to share my 2018 fall makeup must haves with you all today.

You’ve probably noticed that, while I love makeup, I definitely try to keep my looks on the simpler side. That’s in part due to personal preference, but also just a lack of time! Like many of you, I work full time, have a house to clean, people to see… just so many things to do! So I tend to invest in a few, high-quality, long-lasting products every season. Products that I know I can apply quickly to achieve my desired look, and products that will stay on all day long. Because nobody has time for touch ups. 😉

Here’s a quick rundown of my fall makeup must haves, why I love them, and some other notes I felt were important for you all to know.


My Fall Makeup Must Haves

1. MAC Eyeshadow Palette | Color: Dusty Rose Times Nine (SHOP): 

I bought this last September thinking I would only use it in the fall, and I ended up using it daily until my niece taught me how to do that easy summer smokey eye I shared with you all. And it doesn’t even look like I’ve put a dent in it! The colors are gorgeous and can be mixed and matched to create a bunch of different looks – from simple to dramatic. And since it’s compact it’s perfect for travel, too!

2. MAC Matchmaster Foundation (SHOP):

I’m really into skincare (these are the products that I use), and I like this foundation because it’s just enough. It’s light, breathable, but it offers great coverage. It goes on smoothly and looks super natural. And, of course, it has SPF which is super important for anti-aging and skin safety!

3. MAC Cosmetics Eyshadow | Color: Carbon (SHOP):

Want to know a little secret? I don’t use “real” eyeliner. I actually use black eyeshadow for my liner and have since high school. I just think it looks a little more soft and natural. And, honestly, it’s just easier for me to apply!

4. MAC Cosmetics Bronzer (SHOP):

This bronzer creates the perfect little glow. I use it to do some natural looking contouring and to blend my neck and face.

5. GEN NUDE Liquid Lipstick | Color: BO$$ (SHOP):

I wear this color the majority of the time because it’s the perfect neutral. It’s nice and creamy, too. Whereas a lot of matte lip colors will dry out your lips, I’ve found that this one doesn’t.

6. NARS Liquid Blush | Color: Orgasm (SHOP):

I did an entire review about this, which you can read right here. But in a nutshell, I love this stuff! Once you learn how to properly apply it (which I go into in the review), it’s a game changer! Just so natural, long lasting and overall pretty!

7. Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (SHOP):

I just got this a few weeks ago and I’m in obsessed! A little goes a long way, but I feel like as soon as I added this to my makeup routine my overall look went up a few notches. I don’t know, I guess it just makes me look more complete and polished! And with such little effort/product.

8. Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipstick (Queen B):

This is a newbie for me, too, and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m a fan of the Too Faced Melted Matte glosses in general, but this one is such a pretty, unique hue. It stands out, but for all the right reasons.

9. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara (SHOP):

On of my besties has sworn by Lancome products, specifically mascara, for years. I finally caved a few months back and bought this one and let me tell you, it has not for one second disappointed me! It adds volume AND length, not just one or the other. And it applies smoothly.

Well, that’s all of it! Please let me know if you have any questions. AND before you go, please make sure to share some of your own fall favs in the comments!

Oh, and PS: In case you missed my Instagram stories, I added a new page where I feature newly added sale items. You can take a peek at it right here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading! I hope to see you again soon!


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