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Cheap Workout Clothes for Women


Years ago I asked for some new workout clothes for my birthday. I was over my old high school tees and soffee shorts and wanted some more legit gear. And as they always do, my parents pulled through, buying me some super cute mix-and-match sets.

I remember being so excited to rock my outfits at the gym in the days that followed. Everything was super cool and trendy. So imagine my surprise when my mom revealed that every piece was from Walmart.

While I have nothing against Walmart, up until that point I had only popped in there on occasion. Admittedly, I had never considered looking for clothes there, let alone workout gear. But ever since that birthday, Walmart has been my go-to spot for cute and cheap workout clothes. And Dane’s into it now, too. Here’s why we love it and what’s currently on our wish list.

Cheap Workout Clothes for Men

Cheap Workout Clothes for Women

Cheap Workout Clothes for Men

Cheap Workout Clothes for Women

Cheap Workout Clothes for Women

Cheap Workout Clothes: 5 Reasons Why We Love Walmart’s Workout Gear

1. It’s affordable.

Like you can literally buy a whole new workout wardrobe for $100! That’s the price of a pair of leggings at the more popular “athleisure” retailers. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, too. But with as quickly as I cycle through my workout clothes, I like having lots of options. So mixing in some affordable pieces helps with that.

2. It’s great quality

All of the Walmart workout gear I’ve owned has lasted me years. They’ve all washed and keep well, and I’m SUPER picky about quality. I will say, though, that I typically stick to a few core brands when shopping there. I like Danskin, Avia and Athletic Works products for me. Dane likes Athletic Works and Russell.

3. It’s on trend.

Who would have thought that Walmart could nail the CUTE and cheap workout clothes category. But seriously, they always seem to have options that incorporate the hottest colors, cuts, fabrics and textures. Usually it takes the lower end retailers a while to adopt and incorporate new trends, but Walmart really does hop on the bandwagon pretty quickly.

4. There’s something for every body.

Walmart’s apparel sizing is all inclusive across the board, which is something I’m not sure many people know. They sell activewear in women’s, women’s plus, etc., so there are cheap workout clothes options for people of all shapes and sizes!

4. There’s a nice variety.

While Walmart stores do carry a nice variety of cheap workout gear, I’ve found that they offer an even better selection online. They also offer a ton of brands online that they don’t sell in store! Really popular brands, too.

That said, I’ll leave you with a quick look at some of the pieces my wish list…and Dane’s, too! Keep in mind that most of these pieces come in multiple color options, you just have to click through to see them.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. I hope to see you back here soon!