Puffer Jacket Outfit Inspiration [And Coats Under $100]

The puffer coat trend never truly seems to die, but right now it’s really having a moment. And I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan! Obviously, they’re just so warm and cozy. However, they’re also super practical! I’ve worn mine to work, to hike, to tailgate, to walk around the zoo – they suit pretty much any occasion. And to add a cherry on top of the cake, you can find super cute, quality puffer jackets for really cheap.

Case in point: this red puffer jacket I found at Gap.

Puffer Jacket Outfit Inspiration

Regularly priced at $168, I found this piece on mega sale for only $47!! Sadly, it ending up selling out pretty fast. I figured it would since it was such a steal. BUT the good news is that I’ve found a ton of other puffer jackets that are similar and also equally affordable. Scroll down to indulge in some puffer jacket outfit inspiration and to see all of my finds.

Puffer Jacket Outfit Inspiration
Puffer Jacket Outfit Inspiration
Puffer Jacket Outfit Inspiration
Puffer Jacket Outfit Inspiration


Note that I’ve linked similar, well rated items where mine have sold out.

PS: If you’re into great deals, don’t forget about my current sale favorites page that’s right here! I update it at least once a week, putting all of the goods in one place – saving you time and money. 🙂


FYI: Most of these come in other colors. Some retailers only let me link one color, and don’t even let me choose the one that I link. So if you like a style, but not necessarily the linked color, I highly recommend you click through to the product page. I wish I could show you all right here to make it easy on you, but at least it’s just one click. 😉

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