The Best Places to Buy Short Jeans for Women

The Best Places to Buy Short Jeans for Women | MORE by Meach

As a curvy petite woman, I’ve struggled to find jeans that fit me properly my entire life. So I’m super grateful that so many mainstream brands have hopped on the body positivity bandwagon, creating more inclusive sizing. Even more than last year when I first discussed my favorite places to buy short jeans for women.

That said, today I wanted to provide you all with an updated list of stores that offer jeans for petite curvy women like me (and so many of you!). Not just the basics, but the fun stuff, too! Like mom jeans, high rise straight leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, and even flare jeans. And, of course, at great prices. Here ya go…

1. Abercrombie and Fitch:

Their website literally says, “Abercrombie denim is made for you – exactly as you are.” That’s a far cry from the exclusive, “skinny girls only” vibe they gave off when I was in high school. I’m here for it!

2. Amazon

I mean they have everything, so why wouldn’t they have a solid selection of short jeans for women? They offer tons of brands and price points. And the best part is that there are so many reviews to guide you!

3. American Eagle:

Their sizing goes down to an EXTRA short, and they even have a dedicated “curvy” collection. I know I’ve said it 1000 times, lol, but their mom jeans are especially amazing.

4. Banana Republic:

Their jeans are especially great if you work in a business casual environment. Their cuts and washes seem to be pretty “office appropriate”. And they’re super comfy, too!

5. Banana Republic Factory Store:

Although Banana Republic has great sales, you can save even more by shopping at the Banana Republic Factory Store. They don’t have as many options, but still some great ones. And many times for under $50!

6. Express:

This is an OG for me. They’ve offered short jeans for women since I was in high school, so I’ve been a loyal patron for a longgg time!

7. Gap:

I think it’s safe to say that I’m the Gap’s number one fan, lol. I never hear other bloggers talking about them, but I’m legit obsessed. That’s where most of my wardrobe staples come from, and their petite cigarette jeans with smoothing pockets are PERFECTION. They’re my #1 right now, hands down.

8. Old Navy:

Believe it or not, their Rockstar jeans are pretty darn incredible. And they are usually a steal (around $30!).

9. Target:

They don’t have tons of options, but they do have some good ones (specifically the Denizen by Levis brand). And they’re super budget friendly, as well.

10. Topshop:

My personal favorite style is their Jamie Jean, but they always have a solid selection of petite jean options to choose from.

>So what’s your favorite store to shop for petite jeans? Leave your two cents in the comments below to help your fellow #Meachsters out.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. Do your best today, babe!

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