75 Simple Pleasures to Create the Best Summer Yet

Meach standing on a beach wearing cutoff jeans shorts, a leopard print bathing suit top, and a beach hat.

To me, summer’s like having a new crush. Although you’ve experienced it before, there’s something about this one that feels extra fun and exciting.

I love the mystery and anticipation. Also, the heat. 😉

But my favorite part about summer is that there’s not a single adventure that can definite it. And it’s not limited to a specific group of people, like those with a fancy boat or beach house.

It’s the simple pleasures woven in throughout the season that make summer magical and memorable. And when you’re intentional about noticing them and appreciating them, you’re able to make the most of them.

That said, here are 75 simple pleasures for you to seek and enjoy this year – simple summer bucket list, if you will. I hope they help you to create the best summer yet!

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A graphic that says "75 Simple Pleasures for Your Summer Bucket List".

  1. Laying in the sunshine
  2. Walking around barefoot
  3. Making s’mores (click here for 25+ s’mores recipes)
  4. Spending more time with family
  5. Days on the water
  6. Going to the farmer’s market
  7. Working in the yard
  8. Longer days
  9. Barbecues
  10. Outdoor string lights
  11. Fireflies
  12. Driving in the car with the windows down
  13. Hiking
  14. Corn on the cob
  15. Summer dresses
  16. Road trips
  17. Making popsicles (click here for 2 easy, healthy popsicle recipes)
  18. Fireworks
  19. Ice cream nights
  20. Stargazing
  21. Baseball
  22. Making iced tea
  23. Hammocks
  24. Sunglasses
  25. Sunrises…
  26. and sunsets!
  27. Fresh summer salads
  28. Late night conversations
  29. Capturing memories on your iPhone (if you want to take better iPhone photos, click here)
  30. Showering after a long day outside
  31. Lobster rolls
  32. Summer Fridays
  33. Open toed shoes
  34. Thunderstorms
  35. Freckles
  36. Summer citrus
  37. Bonfires
  38. Al fresco dining
  39. Festivals
  40. Country music
  41. Journaling (click here for my journaling tips)
  42. Grilling
  43. Anything on a skewer
  44. Drive-in movies
  45. Fishing
  46. Outdoor concerts
  47. Summer breezes
  48. The smell of sunscreen
  49. Less layers
  50. Picnics
  51. Bathing suits
  52. DIY crafts (like this customized Yeti or this wreath)
  53. Painted toenails
  54. Outdoor showers
  55. The feeling when you drink cold water
  56. Wildflowers
  57. Bucket lists
  58. Traces of sand everywhere you go
  59. Natural light
  60. Going out on a boat
  61. Strawberry shortcake
  62. Night swimming
  63. Morning runs before the temperature rises
  64. Reading books for personal development (here are some personal recommendations)
  65. Floating in the river
  66. Lemonade
  67. Vacations
  68. Cloudless blue skies
  69. The sound of kids playing outside
  70. Tan lines
  71. Sitting on a front porch (click here for simple front porch decor ideas from my interior designer pal)
  72. Water parks
  73. Freshly cut grass
  74. Opening the windows at home
  75. The feeling of knowing it’s summer

What are your favorite simple pleasures of summer? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below so others can add to their summer bucket lists.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. Come back soon!