Spring Fashion: Casual Wardrobe Essentials for Women

When you think of spring fashion, floral prints and basket bags probably come to mind. But, truly, you don’t need either to survive the season in style. Just a few casual basics can go a long way, creating a bunch of cute outfits when mixed and matched. So what are these wardrobe essentials and where can you find them? Scroll down for my roundup!

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Spring Fashion: Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Spring Fashion
Casual Wardrobe Essentials for Women
Spring Fashion


1. A Denim Jacket

Over the years, I’ve collected denim jackets in just about every wash and color, but there’s a reason for that. They’re seriously so practical! You can wear them with jeans, dresses, dress pants, joggers [like this], and even leggings. You can wear them to work, to a bridal shower, and even to the gym. And the best part is that they never seem to go out of style, making them that much more worth the investment.

If you don’t yet have one, I recommend starting with a classic denim jacket in a medium wash. Here are some options to consider, including my $35 go-to from H&M and one from an incredible company [ABLE] that provides opportunity for women!

2. A Black and White Striped Long Sleeve Tee

If you didn’t think that black was a must-have spring fashion color, think again! A basic black and white striped long sleeve tee looks so chic with white skinny jeans! They also look super cute tucked into skirts, jean shorts, and even jogger pants. Here are some of my current favorites for under $20! I do prefer fitted since it tucks well, but I couldn’t resist adding a peplum as the cut seems to be a classic these days.

3. A Utility Button Up Shirt

Similar to a flannel in the fall, a utility button up shirt can be styled open over a tank top, tied around the waist, buttoned up and tucked in, or buttoned up and tied at the bottom [a la 1990s!]. And you don’t have to go for a plain color for it to be equally as useful. I recently picked up an olive green utility shirt, and I’ve worn it countless times already since the color compliments my other wardrobe essentials so well.

4. A Simple Light Sweater

A simple light sweater is great for layering over tees and tanks, especially on days that start off cool and end up hot! You want to keep the sweater light not just because of weight [you obviously don’t want to overheat!], but also because of thickness. Layering thinner materials will keep the look lean, whereas layering thicker materials could make you look heavier. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

5. A Few Basic Tees

I would start with white, black, and grey. But since basic tees can be super affordable, don’t hesitate to add more – even trendier – colors to your wardrobe! I also recommend investing in various necklines [aka v necks and crew necks]. These are great foundational pieces and will be useful year after year, season after season.

6. Shirt Dress or T-Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are my favorite because you can take them from the beach [think cover up] to the office. Here are some classic styles that you’ll for sure get a ton of use out of…

7. Light Denim

White jeans and pale blue denim always seem to make their way into the spring fashion scene, and I’m not complaining. They match so much! Plus, they keep you warm while lightening things up. Perfect for those days where dresses and sandals are just not yet appropriate.

8. Neutral Wedges

A neutral pair of wedges can elevate even the simplest look almost instantly. I know they’re an investment, but I can’t say enough good things about the Marc Fischer wedges I splurged on. They are legitimately the most comfortable pair of wedges I’ve ever owned [and that’s a lot!]. And the color I chose – mushroom – matches everything… even jogger pants!

9. White Sneakers

White sneakers are necessary for days spent around the house, errands, and even travel. They look cute with anything from shorts to a fitted midi dress, too. I swear by my Sperry sneakers and have them in multiple colors. They’re the only sneakers I’ve ever owned that have never cut into the back of my feet.

10. A White Handbag

Off white will do just fine, too, as that’s what I have. But this spring fashion staple will seemingly never die! So jump on the bandwagon and invest in something classic if you’ve not done so already. I promise, you will pull it out every spring. And honestly, you might even use it through the fall. I know I have! I just love the fresh pop of “color”.

>> So how’d you score? Do you already own most of these spring fashion wardrobe essentials? Or is it time to go shopping? LOL! Comment down below and let me know. And if you have any favorites to share with our friends here, please be sure to! 

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