The Best Reusable Products on Amazon

best reusable products on amazon

It’s crazy to think about how much time, energy, and resources are wasted with single-use items (think grocery bags, plastic straws, etc.). We’re all guilty of contributing to the problem in one way or another, which means that we all have the power fix it. That’s why I’ve curated a list of top 15 best reusable products on Amazon, from the softest makeup remover pads to the gifting hack that’s about to make your celebrations way easier.

So go ahead, go on a Prime binge! Mother Nature will thank you (and your wallet will too, actually). And while you’re adding to your cart, you might as well check out these simple and affordable dresses – my latest Amazon fashion finds. 😉

The Best Reusable Products on Amazon

Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads [SHOP]

Each set comes with 18 natural and organic pads, a cute travel bag, and a laundry bag for easy washing – a total steal. Pair with your favorite toner or cleanser!


Mesh Produce Bags [SHOP]

Because how much sense does it actually make to use up more plastic every time you want an onion or avocado at the grocery store? (Hint: It doesn’t.)


Canvas Shopping Bags [SHOP]

More and more cities are enacting plastic shopping bag bans, so you might as well hop on the bandwagon now. I love how simple, versatile, and packable these are.


Silicone Stretch Lids [SHOP]

To the ones fighting a losing battle against mismatched food storage containers and lids: Just give up and get these, which are made out of silicone and will stretch to any size you need.


Stainless Steel Straws [SHOP]

Save the turtles! Switch out your plastic straws for these stainless steel ones (and while you’re at it, ask your server to forgo them when you go out to eat).


Glass Food Containers [SHOP]

These glass containers make meal prepping for the week easy, since they’re air tight and leak proof (which you can’t guarantee with plastic) to help keep your food fresh for longer.


Silicone Snack Bags [SHOP]

Goodbye, plastic and aluminum foil. Hello, leak proof and dishwasher safe silicone bags (plus, some mesh produce bags as a bonus).


Insulated Lunch Box [SHOP]

Gone are the days of brown paper bags. Start toting your food around in this organized, insulated, super adult lunch box instead.


Wool Dryer Balls [SHOP]

What’s so great about these is that not only do they act as a reusable softener, but they also shorten drying time and help prolong the life of your clothes.


Reusable Lint Roller [SHOP]

Pet parents, notorious shedders, and messy eaters, this one’s for you! Instead of tearing off individual tape sheets after each use, all you have to do with this roller is clean it with light soap and water.


Fabric Gift Wrap [SHOP]

I cringe thinking about all the wrapping paper I’ve thrown out over the years. These are an even better alternative than gift bags, since they’re made out of a stretchy fabric that doesn’t require tape or scissors.


Silicone Face Mask [SHOP]

There are so many benefits to this one: deep hydration, increased treatment absorption, minimized mask time, aging prevention… Just try it! There’s no way you won’t love it.


Stainless Steel Tumbler [SHOP]

Not only are you cutting back on single-use paper and plastic cups with this, but you’re also keeping your drinks at the most ideal temps waaaaay longer.


Bamboo Dish Cloths [SHOP]

Made out of 100% bamboo, these dish cloths are velvety smooth, super absorbent, quick drying, and a solid alternative to paper towels.


To-Go Stainless Steel Utensils Set [SHOP]

Whether you’re chowing down at work or in the car, this cutlery (that comes with its own neoprene case) totally beats the flimsy, plastic sets you get at drive-thrus.

>> Join the conversation! In the comments, tell me: What are your favorite reusable products right now? And if you use or plan to use one of these, let me know!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about this list of ethical clothing brands next time you’re shopping for jeans, shoes, bags, tees, etc. Making small adjustments to reduce waste [and supporting businesses that try, too] can make a HUGE impact.

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