My 5 Favorite Petite Clothing Stores Online



If I had a dollar for every person who has called me “short” throughout my lifetime, I’d be a millionaire – easily. And while I used to beg God for just a few more inches, my only major annoyance with being just 5 feet has been finding clothing that fits without major (and expensive) alterations. Well, until more recently.

Over the past year, I’ve noticed that a lot of retailers are making concerted efforts to be more inclusive – specifically when it comes to sizing. At last, trendy petite clothing has become available at some very mainstream stores!! I’ve even discovered some new go-to spots specifically because they offer such a wide array of products for the petite market.
While these collections primarily exist online (very limited in stores, at least near me), the fact of the matter is that they exist! So with a bit of forward-thinking my fellow shorties and I can finally have OPTIONS! YAY!! And although we might have to wait a few days for delivery, we no longer have to shovel out money for a tailor – you win some you lose some. All that being said, it’s time to share the goods. Here are my current favorite petite-friendly stores on the web: 

1. Asos [SHOP]: 

This is probably my top spot mainly because Asos nails my style AND fit. They also have a really solid variety. I recently purchased several sweater dresses, including the one shown above (it’s on sale for $36 today – shop here; also comes in black), and I’ve received so many compliments.

2. Express [SHOP]: 

Express has always been one of my favorite stores, so I was thrilled when they started to expand their petite line. I’ve had luck with dresses and sweaters so far, just pay attention to the size chart if/when you order. I’m a size bigger in their petite collection than I am their regular sizing – which makes sense when you think about it!

3. Loft [SHOP]:

Loft is my go-to for business-casual clothing and the occasional everyday top. Their online sizing tool is awesome as it helps you find the ideal fit for you specifically! It’s hard to explain, but you’ll see what I mean when you try it!

4. Banana Republic [SHOP]/Old Navy [SHOP]:

I’m bundling these together because they are sister companies. Depending on the price point and quality you’re looking for, they both have a great variety of petite pieces for work, play, everyday!

5. Missguided [SHOP]:

While their pieces are definitely more for going out, there are quite a few hidden gems – like how perfect is this dress for the upcoming holiday season? It’s always worth a look when I’m searching for something super trendy! You may recognize this brand if you shop at Nordstrom, but they do have their own eCommerce site.

I’ve purchased pieces from all of these lines and have been extremely satisfied! The quality is right on par with the price points, too. Please comment here or on my social channels if you have any questions – I’d be happy to answer!
Xx, Meach