The Clean Skincare Products I Can’t Live Without

Right around my 30th birthday two really weird things happened: My skin became ultra sensitive, and I started breaking out like a teenager. Two problems I didn’t expect to face 15+ years post puberty, but became hell-bent on solving. That’s when I discovered the holy grail of effective and clean skincare products: Tula Skincare.

?If you’re curious or in a hurry, I started my Tula Skincare journey with this $52 Discovery kit. You can use my Tula discount code – ITSMEMEACH – to get 15% off at checkout.

Because of Tula Skincare, my skin is clearer, brighter, and more even. And I have never felt more confident with my own skin. So if you’re curious about this life-changing product line (a great skin care routine for sensitive skin, might I add), scroll down. There’s a Q&A below based off of my reader’s frequently asked questions. Feel free to drop more in the comments if you have them. I’m happy to answer!

Tula Skincare: Reader FAQs Answered

The Clean Skincare Products I Can't Live Without | MORE by Meach

The products that made me feel like myself again:

1. Are Tula Skincare products safe during pregnancy?

This is easily the question I get asked the most often! Every product page includes a full list of ingredients, and Tula recommends using this information to facilitate a conversation with your doctor (as do I!). Are there women who have successfully used Tula products during pregnancy? Absolutely! But it’s always best to get your physicians stamp of approval.

2. Is Tula cruelty free?

Tula products are indeed certified cruelty free. They’re also free of parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, retinol and a bunch of other harmful toxins and chemicals. You can learn more about the ingredients they use here.

3. What’s your skin care routine in order?

For the most part, I do the same skin care routine in the morning and at night. My daily skin care routine products include Tula cleanser, gel toner, gel cream, and eye balm (I have this rose glow eye balm, too) in that order. I only use the eye balm in the morning. I also use the exfoliating face mask twice per week and the instant facial pads as needed.

4. Is this a good skin care routine for sensitive skin?

From my experience, absolutely! I’ve gotten to the point where putting even the tiniest pinch of the wrong product on my skin can irritate it immediately and for hours on end. For whatever reason, it’s just that sensitive. But I’ve tried almost every Tula Skincare product launched to date, and I’ve had no issues.

5. How do I know where to buy Tula skincare?

Currently there’s not a detailed store locator on the Tula website. I have seen a few of their products at Ulta. Your best bet, though, is to buy online at That’s the only place you can use my Tula discount code – ITSMEMEACH – at checkout to receive 15% off of your order. A few exclusions do apply, but almost everything is eligible. That includes every product I’ve mentioned in this post.

6. Is their auto delivery program worth it?

For those who haven’t noticed, every Tula product page includes an auto delivery option. That’s what this question refers to. And while I’m sure this varies for everyone, I’ve found that a little bit of these products go a long way. That said, I place orders on an as-needed basis.  There’s not really a risk in waiting considering they offer free shipping over $40 (which I typically surpass), and I usually receive my order relatively quickly (within a week, if not sooner). Plus, I only go through 2-3 of each product per year, IF that.

While I have nothing but great things to say about Tula Skincare, everyone is different! So if you’re not ready to invest in a full regiment yet, I’m telling you – buy a starter kit (pictured below) and fill in any gaps with other travel-sized items. That’s what I did, and it made me feel much more comfortable when I went to make a larger investment.

Tula Starter Kits

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. Do your best today, babe!

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