Affordable DIY Mudroom Ideas for Small Spaces

If you’re in need of some affordable DIY mudroom ideas for small spaces, you’ve come to the right place!

Last year, my husband and I decided we needed to revamp and reorganize our little drop zone, but we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on the project.

The main objective was to make the small space more functional and easier to keep clean. It was a bonus if it could look aesthetically pleasing, too.

Up to that point, that space was a total free for all. The coat cubbies the previous owner had so graciously left for us were bursting at the seams, and there were shoes everywhere. Not to mention the walls were a mix of chalk paint and magnetic paint. 

So I took to Pinterest for some inspiration, and what I quickly noticed was that we truly didn’t need to break the bank in order to make our mini mudroom work for us. And there were simple things we could do to make it look pretty, too! 

Here are some of the affordable small mudroom ideas we implemented that you can, too.

A picture of my mudroom bench with a text overlay that says Must Haves for Mudroom Organizing

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Wall Hooks (Coat Rack)

Our coat closet is at the front of our house, but we always enter through the mudroom. That said, we desperately needed a place to hang bags and coats, specifically adult-sized coats. The faux built-in cubbies the previous owner had installed were made for children, which is why they were always packed full. It didn’t take much!

We decided to install a partial shiplap wall with matte black hooks to serve this purpose. Since it’s such a tiny space, I liked that this setup would leverage vertical space and not valuable floor space. We liked the look of it, too, especially for the small investment (money and time).

While I love the look of mudroom lockers or built-in shelves, the typically take up a lot of space. So I just don’t recommend them for a small mudroom area. 

If you don’t want to drill into the wall, a hall tree is probably your best bet here!

Designated Shoe Storage

A shoe rack is the obvious answer here, but again you have to be mindful of how you use your floor space.

I think those slim shoe organizers they sell on Amazon could work, depending on how much space you have. The one’s I’ve seen seem to hold a ton of shoes!

​If you use the back of a nearby door, an over-the-door shoe organizer can work, too.

We opted for a mudroom bench that allowed us to slide some shoes underneath it. We keep what we use the most often there, and if/when the area starts to overflow we just do a quick declutter and take what we don’t need immediate access to up to our bedroom closet. 

Multifaceted Mudroom Bench

Speaking of our mudroom bench, we absolutely love it! It has an open shelf underneath the seat, which is a perfect spot for storage baskets. We use storage baskets as we would mudroom cubbies – to store random accessories like hats, gloves, scarfs, etc. Every family member has their designated cubby (right now the kids share one) to house their belongings.

There are lots of other storage benches out there, but I highly recommend one similar to the style we bought since you can put baskets and shoes underneath it. Of course it gives you a spot to put shoes on and take them off, too. I’ve linked our exact one as well as a well-rated Amazon option.

Storage Space for Miscellaneous Items

Think mail, sunglasses, keys, wallets, and all of that other random stuff you’d otherwise leave on a nearby countertop. Be your own best friend and install a mudroom storage solution to house these things (or several!).

We have a few things we use – 2 wire racks (1 for mail/paperwork and 1 for keys and such) and 1 over-the-door organizer with 4 pouches (1 pouch per family member). When even the little things have a designated home, your house is less likely to get cluttered. 

DIY Mudroom Ideas for Small Spaces
DIY Mudroom Ideas for Small Spaces
DIY Mudroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Here are some pictures of our mudroom so you can see what we did!

​Mounted To-Do List and/or Calendar

This is where we (mainly I) brain dump little reminders – things to grab at the store, clean, etc. For us, it serves as a little communication board. For instance, if Dane sees something on there that we need to pick up at the store and he’s heading out, he’ll just go grab it.

If you’re not into the to-do list idea, or don’t have a need, you could opt for a mounted acrylic calendar. I’d love to put one of those in here eventually, too.

Area Rug

​Adding an area rug is a great way to give your little space some personality! A washable rug is a great option since your mudroom will get so much foot traffic. These are becoming more and more popular, and I’ve seen affordable options at stores like At Home and Target!

Mudroom Cabinets

I know I said I didn’t like the open shelves in our original laundry room, but hear me out! The floating shelf we installed is prettier (wood vs. wire), more sturdy, and much smaller than the original. We mounted it just above the top of the washer and drier to house the things we need on repeat – like laundry detergent, Oxi Clean pods, and dryer sheets.

I hope this tips help you to transform your mud room into a space your entire family can use, enjoy, and keep intact with minimal effort. 

And I hope it serves as proof a small entryway can be equally beautiful and functional with whatever budget you have. 

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