Easter Ideas for Boys: 20+ Practical, Affordable Easter Stuffers for the Little Guys

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to come up with Easter ideas for boys!

But this year I have to put two little boy baskets together – one for my nephew (Everett) and one for my son (Luca).

So over the past few weeks I’ve been making a list of Easter basket ideas for little boys to help me create some great Easter baskets for my little guys.

And since I know I’m not the only one trying to come up with Easter ideas for boys, I figured I’d share my list of fun ideas here with you!

Whether you’re making Easter baskets for younger kids or big kids, this list of Easter basket ideas can give you some guidance.

Just know that the majority of what I’ve linked is geared towards little kids since that’s who I’ve been shopping for.

Scroll down to see and shop my favorite Easter basket ideas for boys below.

Easter Ideas for Little Boys

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1. Water Bottle

From infants to older boys, a water bottle (or sippy cup) is a great Easter basket filler. And you can make them extra personal by choosing one with the recipient’s name, favorite character, etc.

2. Beach Towels

With Easter Sunday falling just ahead of summer, I love the idea of a summer essentials themed Easter basket. So you’ll see a lot of summer essentials on this list, starting beach towels.

For young boys, you could do a wearable hooded beach towel. And for older kids (even teenage boys) you could do a themed beach towel (think characters, shows, movies, sports, etc.). You could also do a monogrammed beach towel!

3. Card Game

Card games (like Go Fish) are a lot of fun, and they’re great because they are so compact. They make for great entertainment on the go – whether you’re heading to a beach, ballpark, or restaurant patio.

4. Flip Flops or Sandals

A pair of everyday flip flops or sandals make the perfect Easter basket idea! Kids grow out of their shoes so quickly, so you can almost guarantee that the boy(s) you’re buying for will need an upgrade.

5. Gift Cards

From younger boys to teenage guys, you could never go wrong with a gift card! An ice cream gift card, movie gift card, or even a small Target gift card make for a fun experience. That said, they’re great Easter gift ideas!

Easter Ideas for Boys on Amazon

6. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is one of the best Easter basket stuffers IMO. As a little girl, my parents put chalk in my basket every single year. And I burned through it all by the end of summer!

Obviously this isn’t the best Easter basket stuffer for infants like my little guy, but it’s so much fun toddlers and beyond.

7. Stickers or Sticker Books

This Easter basket idea might seem super juvenile, but even big kids love to cover all of their belongings (water bottles, notebooks, laptops, etc.) in stickers these days! The key is finding stickers with sayings and/or characters that speak to the recipient’s likings.

8. Great Books

It doesn’t have to be an Easter book, but it could be! Either way, books are one of those Easter basket gift ideas that can be tailored to all age groups.

9. An Interactive Fun Game

Scavenger hunt games and conversation starter games make for great gifts because they initiate interactive fun for the whole family! Plus, many force you to get outside (and away from screens!).

10. Building Blocks

From baby building blocks to magnetic tile building blocks, there’s something for every boy’s easter basket.

11. Fidget Toys

Fidget toys, like pop it balls, are super popular among kids of all ages. And they’re super affordable, too! There are lots of bulk options on Amazon, many of which I’ve linked in my Amazon storefront.

12. Activity Book

From teen boys to toddler boys, there’s an activity book for every age group. And they’re any easy, fun way to keep kids entertained while on the go (especially during summer road trips!).

13. Easter Treats (or a Few)

You can’t put together an Easter basket without a fun treat (or a few)!

Sure, you could do traditional Easter candy like jelly beans and Reese’s eggs. But for the littles I like doing some of their favorite everyday foods and/or snacks.

For instance, I’m putting baby food in my son’s Easter basket. And in my nephew’s Easter basket I’m doing Happy Tot Cookies and Plum Organics Nut Butter Bars.

14. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great way to get kids to look forward to bath time! And they even sell Easter themed bath bombs to fit the occasion.

15. Travel Products

For those embarking on summer vacations, this Easter basket gift idea is super practical!

From foldable toothbrushes to travel-sized toiletries, you can get kids extra hyped for vacation by gifting them their very own products to use on the trip. Even their own little toiletry bags!

16. Sunglasses

Sunglasses make perfect Easter gifts because they can literally be used every single day!

I bought Luca some baby sunglasses that come with a strap so they stay on his head, lol.

17. Coloring Book

Perhaps this isn’t one of the most creative Easter basket ideas, but it’s definitely one that kids of all ages can enjoy. I’ve linked some great kids coloring books over in my Amazon storefront.

18. Play-Doh or Slime

Kids of all ages enjoy play-doh and slime. If you want to kick it up a notch, you could dopt for a slime making kit. That would make this Easter basket gift idea extra fun and interactive.

19. Water Toys

Water toys also make great Easter ideas for boys. I’m putting a bunch of age-appropriate beach toys and pool toys in my son’s Easter basket this year. See my Amazon storefront for a variety of water toys for boys of all ages.

20. Puzzles

Last, but not least, are puzzles. With the wide variety of puzzles out there, you can definitely find something that works for the boy(s) you’re buying for. Yes, they even sell infant puzzles and toddler puzzles!

I hope these fun Easter basket ideas for boys helped get your wheels turning, at the very least.

If you have some extra Easter ideas for boys to share, please drop them in the comments. I love when this community comes together to help each other out, and I can’t encourage it enough. The more ideas, the better!

If you would like even more Easter basket stuffer ideas, check out my post featuring the best Easter gifts for kids on Etsy!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. Come back soon!