The Best Baby Beach Gear on Amazon (+ A Printable Baby Beach Gear List)

Dane and I are gearing up for our first vacation with little Luca, so naturally I’ve spent the last month researching and ordering the best baby beach gear on Amazon.

The Best Baby Beach Gear on Amazon, including: reusable swim diapers, beach bag, wet bag, protective clothing, wide brim sun hat, wearable baby beach towel, beach toys, baby sunglasses, and more!

As a new parent, taking a beach vacation with an infant feels equally exciting and overwhelming. I know we’re going to have a blast, but there’s just so much more to think through (and bring!) than before.

Whether you have a single beach day or a whole beach trip on the horizon, if you’re a new parent I’m sure you’re feeling the same.

That said, I figured I’d share a shoppable baby beach gear list with you to make your first time at the beach a little less stressful. I know that it’s much easier to relax and have fun when you feel prepared.

Scroll down for my personal, thoughtfully curated list of baby beach essentials, all of which I found on Amazon. You can click on the product links and/or pictures to shop.

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The Best Baby Beach Items on Amazon

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Reusable Swim Diapers

Of all of the baby beach stuff on this list, this is easily one of the most important things to think through. Whether you opt for reusable swim diapers or disposable swim diapers, just know that regular diapers are a total disaster when you get them wet in the pool, lake, or ocean. Just do yourself a favor and don’t even try it, lol.

The best swim diapers in the reusable category are the i play. by green sprouts reusable diapers on Amazon. They have nearly 10K reviews with a 4.5-star rating. They’re an Amazon bestseller in this category!

As for disposable swim diapers, the Pampers Splashers brand has over 11K reviews and a 5-star rating!

Beach Bag

If you bring your everyday diaper bag to the beach, it’s going to get all sandy. That said, I recommend a getting a beach tote to carry all of your baby gear.

I decided on this mesh bag, which comes in a ton of colors, so the sand can fall through it. And I can easily shake it out!

Wet Bag

No matter what beach bag you choose to carry, you’ll want a wet bag or two to go along with it. You can store items you need to keep dry (like your cell phone or fresh diapers) within in. You can also use them for wet items, like swimsuits, water shoes and towels.

Protective Clothing

Baby’s skin is obviously super sensitive. So even if you plan to limit sun exposure (as you should), swim gear that protects against uv rays is a always a great option.

That said, rash guards like the Ruggedbutts swim shirt with long sleeves or one-piece swimsuit, are designed to keep baby safe. They both offer uv protection of 50+. And they’re super high quality! I bought both for Luca as well as a pair of Ruggedbutts adjustable waist swim trunks.

If you’re a girl mom, you HAVE to check out the RuffleButts store on Amazon. They have THE CUTEST long sleeve one-piece swimsuits for baby girls.

Wide Brim Sun Hat

In addition to their body, you’ll obviously want to protect your child’s head while at the beach! And there are so many cute hat options on Amazon.

For baby boys, I think the best baby sun hat option is the Connectyle Kids Wide Brim Mesh Sun Hat. It has UPF 50+ sun protection and nearly 8k reviews with an overall 5-star rating. It’s adjustable, too. I actually just ordered this one for Luca as I didn’t realize the others I had ordered him (these baby bucket hats) didn’t offer sun protection. So while I’ll bee keeping them, we probably won’t use them for beach days or days where we’ll be in and out of the sun often.

For girls, RufflleButts is the way to go! This wide brim sun hat for baby girls comes in so many colors and prints and is seriously so stinking cute. It’s giving me baby fever, lol. And making me want a baby girl. 😉

Wearable Beach Towel

A wearable beach towel that covers baby’s head is another baby beach essential! I think these striped hooded beach towels are super cute. The colorful mermaid hoodied beach towel from Bangsaur is super cute for little girls, too. It reminds me of a Lily Pulitzer print.

Beach Toys

I couldn’t write a list of the best baby beach gear without including all of the cute beach toys Amazon has to offer.

I bought Luca the Magicalmato Kids Beach Toy Set which includes 12 eco-friendly sand toys and a carry bag .

I’ve linked some other baby beach toy options over in my Amazon storefront. Be sure to give me a follow while you’re over there so you can see the finds I add ongoing!

Baby Water Shoes

Even if your baby isn’t mobile, you still want to protel their feet (like the rest of their body) from the hot sand and sun! These baby water shoes are affordable, high quality, and easy to strap on.

Baby Sunglasses

Baby sunglass are must-have baby beach accessories, and the best sunglasses for babies include a strap! That way they actually have a shot at staying on, lol.

The Cocosand baby sunglasses have a strap and offer UV400 protection. The Baby Sunnies store has a bunch of great options, too.

Sun Protection

Again, even if your baby isn’t in direct sunlight, sun protection is still necessary to protect your baby’s skin.

Babyganics and think baby are some of the best baby sunscreen options based on Amazon reviews. Luca has sensitive skin, so these are what I’ve decided to try for him based on my research. But I urge you to talk to your pediatrician and read up on sun protection for yourself. That way you’re making the best decision for you and your kid(s).

Beach Blanket with Stakes

Beaches tend to be more breezy, so investing in a beach blanket that you can stake into the ground is a great idea. Even better if it comes in a compact bag so you can easily travel with it.

I bought us the Seaview Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket because it’s big, compact, sand proof, water resistant, and comes with stakes for anchoring.

Baby Beach Tents

This isn’t an absolute necessity, but it’s also not a bad idea. We were gifted two of these as baby shower gifts, but both are on the larger side and a little pricey.

That said, if you want something that’s super portable AND affordable, look at the White Fang Beach Tent on Amazon. These are some of the best baby beach tents I could find, offering UV protection and ventilation. Plus they fit 3 people! So if you have big kids, even they can enjoy.

Stroller Fan

Another one of the best baby beach essentials I could recommend is a battery operated, clip on stroller fan! You can wrap these around pretty much anything (not just a stroller) to help keep baby cool.

Baby Carrier

If you don’t want to invest in a beach wagon, but you don’t want to have to carry your baby all over the beach, be sure to bring a baby carrier! The Ergobaby Omni 360 will grow with your baby and includes a UPF baby hood for sun protection.

Beach Swimming Pool

Again, this isn’t a total necessity. You could also dig a small hole and fill it with water. But beach baby pool, like the Monobeach Baby Beach Pool, allows baby to play in the water while protecting them from the hot sun and sand.

Stackable Snack and Formula Container

A stackable snack and formula container is one of those baby travel essentials you truly can’t leave home without – whether you’re going to the beach or not!

Water Bottle

Hydration is important for the whole family, especially on a hot beach day! So be sure to pack enough water to stay hydrated the entire time. And to cover all of your baby’s bottles if you formula feed!

This half gallon water bottle from Amazon includes a handle, shoulder strap, and sleeve to keep it cold.

I hope this list of the best baby beach essentials got you excited for your upcoming beach days and/or vacations!

Sure, you might not need all of this. But I figured I’d share everything I bought and/or considered. That way you can pick the best beach gear for you and your family. Only you know what the right baby beach gear is for you.

If there’s anything else you’ve found helpful that’s not on this list, please leave your idea in the comments for other moms to see.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. And don’t be a stranger – come back soon!