21 Brilliant Home Organization Ideas for a Tidy House

When searching for home organization ideas, you’ll undoubtedly find pictures of Pinterest-perfect homes filled with all the pretty organization solutions.

While it’s great to use these images as inspiration, I highly recommend that you don’t go off and copy someone else’s exact setup.

That’s because the best home organization ideas are those that make your home easier to clean and manage – emphasis on your.

The solutions you implement within your own spaces should be unique to the challenges you face within them. What works for someone else just might not work (or be necessary) for you.

That being said, today I wanted to share some home organization hacks that you could implement to help keep a tidy home with little effort.

If home management feels like a daunting task, this post is for you! Scroll down for some home organization tips that you could use to make your home easier to keep clean.

A collage with home organization ideas including a ceiling-mounted garage organizer, under-the-bed organizers- broom organizers, water bottle organizers, pantry organizers, hat organizers, sheet organizers, lazy susan organizers, and tiered organizers.

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1. Water Bottle Racks

Are you kitchen cupboards filled with water bottles that are constantly toppling over? Snag some stackable water bottle racks! They make it so much easier to see what you have, take things out, and put things away.

Pro Tip: These are great for protein shakers, too!

2. Kitchen Drawer Dividers and Organizers

If your kitchen drawers feel like pure chaos, drawer dividers could help (and decluttering, too).

I love using drawer dividers and organizers to keep my kitchen drawers neatly arranged. I use them to separate kitchen items into different categories, so I can quickly find what I’m looking for when I’m cooking. 

There are so many different types of drawer dividers on the market right now, but I tend to love the bamboo ones. I just think they’re pretty and they hold up so well.

3. Lazy Susan Organizers

Do you have a Lazy Susan cabinet in your home?

If so, these triangular Lazy Susan organizers are going to be a game changer for you! They help you leverage every last inch of your Lazy Susan space.

We actually have 3 Lazy Susan cabinets in our home and love these for organizing snacks, baby food, kid’s plates, bibs, and so much more.

These organizers are actually one of my best-selling product recommendations of all time. People are constantly thanking me for telling them about them. That’s how you know they’re good!

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4. Shelf Risers

If you live in a small space, one of the best ways to keep it tidy is to leverage vertical space.

You can do this in your kitchen cabinets with shelf risers. 

They won’t just help to increase storage space, but visibility and accessibility too. 

Shelf risers come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can customize to your own needs and desired aesthetic. But here are some options we use and love.

PS: Leveraging vertical space is one of those home organization ideas you can use over and over again. Keep it in mind and it’ll help you think outside of the box as you tackle your entire house.

5. Countertop Shelves

If you have a small kitchen, you might need to use your kitchen countertops for extra storage space, and that’s okay! 

Countertop shelves are a great way to leverage the extra space in a neat and organized fashion.

Luckily, there are a lot of great countertop shelves on the market right now. Items, like these tiered shelves, that are equally beautiful and functional. 

I’d recommend using countertop shelves for items you use on the regular – think spices, cookbooks, and other supplies that you’d like to keep easily accessible. 

6. Junk Drawer Organizers

I’m pretty sure everyone has a kitchen junk drawer, right?

Junk drawers are a catch-all for a bunch of random items – from paper clips to coloring books and beyond. Because of this, they’re subject to constant rummaging, and they can turn into a huge mess very easily. 

With junk drawer organizers, you can divide and organize your space in a way that makes sense to you. Using them, you’ll be able to quickly locate and retrieve supplies when you need them.

Junk drawer organizers not only promote order but also help to maintain it, ensuring that your drawer remains tidy and efficient.

7. Pantry Bins

A cluttered, unorganized pantry is a waste of your time, energy, and money! Rather than wasting time searching for things, burning energy finding places for things, and money rebuying things you already own (but couldn’t see) – invest in getting yours in order.

This can be as simple as buying some pantry bins and/or pantry baskets. They’ll help you group similar items together – baking supplies, snacks, rice and pasta, etc.

This allows for easy access, quick clean ups, mindful meal planning, and an overall clutter-free space.

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8. Broom Holders

If you lack floor space, a broom holder could help!

We have one of these installed in our laundry room utility closet. We love it because it lifts all of our brooms, mops, Swiffers, etc. off of the floor and keeps them from falling over it. We’re definitely able to store more in that closet with the broom holder installed than we were without it, which is also a huge plus.

9. Tiered Organizers

Tiered organizers are great for a variety of organizing projects. You can use them in your kitchen cabinets, pantry, bathroom cabinets, and beyond. 

They’re great because they make items more visible and accessible. They reduce clutter, too, as you’re limited to the number of items they can hold.

I have a tiered organizer in my bathroom cabinet for my hair products and miscellaneous toiletries. We also have a few in our pantry for jarred and canned goods.

10. Storage Furniture

If you want to optimize the space you have in a specific room, you should definitely consider storage furniture. 

Pieces like storage ottomans and beds with built-in drawers are great for blankets, board games, clothes, and more. Plus they can offer function and style! They’re such practical solutions for maximizing space and keeping areas clutter-free.

11. Closet Systems

If you have a small closet, or if you just want a closet that’s more thoughtfully designed, look into getting a closet system!

These are great for dividing up coat closets, walk-in closets, etc. and leveraging vertical space. They allow you to create small, designated areas for your belongings. And when everything has a home, things are easier to keep neat and tidy!

I feel like a lot of people think closet systems are one of the more expensive home organization ideas, but that’s not exactly true! You can find affordable, customizable solutions on Amazon, at Walmart, and also at Ikea.

PS: For ongoing closet organization ideas, go follow me on LTK. I’m constantly adding new product recommendations there, and if you follow you’ll be notified when there’s something new!

12. Under-Bed Organizers

Another way to maximize the space in your home is to store things under your bed.

There are under-bed storage bins designed for clothes, blankets, linens, and even shoes!

Dane and I do this for out-of-season clothes and shoes. It keeps us from having to haul everything to and from the basement every few months.

13. Cord Organizers

If you hate cord clutter as much as I do, listen up! Adhesive cord clips and cord organizers exist and make cable management and absolute breeze.

Cord clips are great for nightstands and side tables, and these cord organizers are perfect for kitchen appliances.

You can also use cord hiders to route bundles of cords and keep them out of sight.

When it comes to home organization ideas, these are simple solutions. But let me tell you, they make such a difference! 

14. Over-the-Door Organizers

Whether you need more storage space in your bathroom, bedroom, entryway, or kitchen, an over-the-door organizer could do the trick!

Put one on your closet door, front door, or even your pantry door to take advantage of this otherwise unused space. 

There are so many over-the-door rack options available, and the one you buy is totally dependent upon your needs.

For instance, if you’re going to use it to store heavier items (like canned goods), you’ll want a sturdy pantry organizer. And if you need more space to store shoes, an over-the-door shoe organizer is perfect.

Here are some options to consider…

15. Pegboards

If you want to keep the tools in your garage visible, accessible, and tidy, you’re going to want a pegboard!

They’re great for space efficiency, can be customized to your needs, and (bonus!) are aesthetically pleasing.

Oh, and if you have a craft room, these are great for storing craft supplies, too.

16. Overhead Storage Racks

Not sure what to do with your outdoor decor, seasonal toys, and other random items that are cluttering your garage? Look up!

The ceiling of your garage is the perfect place for these items and then some. All you need is a ceiling-mounted storage rack like this one from Walmart.

Sure, this is one of the more time consuming home organization ideas. But once installed, I promise it’s well worth it!

17. Memory Boxes

Do you struggle with getting rid of crafts your kids have made for you or awards they’ve received at school? Make a memory box! 

This will give you permission to keep some items, but within the limits of the designated container – it can only hold so much after all. It’ll also keep these items from completely taking over your home!

You can totally DIY this, but there are also cute options on Etsy!

18. Sheet Organizers

Do you find it nearly impossible to make a folded sheet set look nice? Do you hate how cluttered sheet sets look piled on top of each other in your linen closet?

Same and sameeeee!

Enter sheet organizers – the perfect solution to storing sheet sets in a manner that’s equally functional and aesthetically pleasing.

You can stack these side-by-side or next to each other, either way they’ll reduce visual clutter and make it easier to move your sheet sets in and out of your closet.

19. Blanket Bags

Similar to sheet sets, blanket bags contain the blankets within your linen closet and make it easier to pull things in and out without making a huge mess.

20. Wall-Mounted Hat Organizer

If you have as many hats as my hubs (approximately one million), then you know how messy they can get when you rummage through them. That’s why I can’t recommend a wall-mounted hat organizer enough!

Something with hooks is best IMO! They make each hat more visible, provide easy access, and won’t make your hat lose it’s shape.

21. Label Maker

I once had someone ask why people label things, especially clear bins where it’s apparent what’s inside.

It’s a valid question, but honestly what’s obvious to you might not be that obvious to someone else. 

Labeling is a mode of communication. You’re telling the people within your home what goes where, without having to say it a million times.

Labeling allows everyone in your household to help, and when you have more helping hands it’s easier to keep things tidy! That said, a label maker is one of those home organization ideas I think everyone can benefit from buying.

If you want to create a more functional and easy-to-manage living environment, there are truly so many home organization ideas you can implement.

While your efforts might result in a Pinterest-worthy space, they might not. And that’s okay, because that’s not the goal!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when thinking of home organization ideas and finding storage solutions for your home. 

The key is to find systems that work for you and your family and to stay consistent with your organizing efforts.

Home organization is not a one-time task but an ongoing process (don’t forget to celebrate your progress along the way!). 

I hope you found inspiration and practical tips to help you conquer clutter and create a space that’s easy to keep clean.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, and more manageable home!