How to Organize Corner Kitchen Cabinets (5 Great Ideas to Consider)

If you have corner kitchen cabinets in your home, knowing how to organize corner kitchen cabinets is important.

Like the rest of your kitchen space, those corner cabinets are valuable real estate, especially if you have a small kitchen! So learning how to organize and optimize these awkward spaces will allow you to make the most of them.

That said, below I’m sharing 5 ways to organize kitchen corner cabinets.

If you want to eliminate dead space in the corner of your kitchen, without hiring a professional organizer, scroll down.

Whether you have blind cabinets, diagonal cabinets, corner drawers, or L-shaped wall cabinets with shallow shelves, one of these storage solutions should work for you!

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Optimize Corner Cabinets With a Large Lazy Susan

Whether you’re organizing your upper cabinets or lower cabinets, a large Lazy Susan is a really good idea. They allow for easy access to everything in those deep corner cupboards, and they ensure there’s virtually no wasted space!

For diagonal cabinets, I’d recommend a Lazy Susan with a round shape paired with these triangle-shaped clear bins. We use this combination in our corner base cabinets, and it has really helped us keep the space equally functional and organized.

A picture of how I organize my corner kitchen cabinet with clear bins and a lazy susan.
Here’s how we organize all of Luca’s snacks and kitchen items in one of our corner cabinets.

For those with a blind corner kitchen cabinet, your awkward corner can still be optimized with a Lazy Susan. Just look for something like this: 2-shelf Lazy Susan with Soft-Close for Blind Base Corner Cabinets.

While installing a large Lazy Susan isn’t exactly cheap, it’s definitely more economical than a full kitchen renovation. And, in my opinion, it’s truly the best way to use as much space as possible.

Reserve Corner Cabinets for Round Items

I understand, though, if installing a large Lazy Susan isn’t in the budget. In this case, reserving your corner cabinets for the round items in your kitchen is a simple solution!

Round items tend to fit into corner storage layouts nicely and neatly. They make it easy to see everything, pull things out, and put things away. So long as you’re not overstuffing your cabinets, but that’s a conversation for another day. 😉

In those lower corner kitchen cabinets you could store things like mixing bowls, salad spinners, colanders, frying pans, and large pots. Other large items that are round at the base (like crockpots, food processors, etc.) work, too.

Your upper corner cabinet space is the perfect place for small appliances, coffee mugs, salad bowls, and dinner plates. Things that are easy to grab when reaching overhead.

If you want to store smaller items, like oils, spices, and medications in your corner space, you could use small Lazy Susan organizers. You can usually find these for around $10 or less, and they’re so worth it. They utilize available space while making items easy to access – a total win/win for a small investment.

Pro Tip: If your corner kitchen cabinets are deep, make sure the items you use on a regular basis are an easy reach. You can push the kitchen items you need, but don’t use as often, towards the back.

Leverage Every Corner Cabinet Door

Another way to optimize the corner of a kitchen is to leverage the back of the cabinet – even that blind corner cabinet door.

There are tons of cabinet organization solutions designed for the back of cabinet doors – spice racks, over-the-cabinet baskets, lid holders, and beyond.

Here are a few great options to check out:

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Install Open Shelves Instead

If you just absolutely hate your corner cabinet, consider taking it out altogether and replacing it with open shelves.

Open shelves are so beautiful and super “in” right now.

Four different ideas for open shelves in a kitchen.
Here are a few samples as to how people use and style kitchen open shelves!

They can serve as practical home decor, too, so long as you can keep them neat and tidy.

You can use open shelves to store your most-used pot and/or pan, dinnerware, oils, and spices. You could also make one of the shelves a designated wine rack.

Honestly, open shelves are a simple storage system that can be equally chic and practical. Typing this is making me want to install them in my home, haha.

Tips for Those Corner Pull-Out Drawers

If your corner kitchen cabinets happen to be base pull-out drawers, there are a number of things you can do in terms of kitchen organization.

Smaller, more shallow base drawers can be used for smaller kitchen items – think kitchen towels, hot pads, kitchen utensils, baggies, aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, etc.

I recommend using utensil organizers and/or bamboo separators to section these spaces off and create a “home” for each item. That’ll keep the drawers from getting super messy. I linked a bunch of options for you in my Amazon Storefront, including the bamboo drawer organizers we own.

Larger, deeper base drawers are great for storing bulky items. Especially round items like I mentioned previously! So consider using these for those mixing bowls, colanders, pots, pans, and so on.

If you have a lot of space, these adjustable wire racks are great for organizing pans and lids in drawers (and cabinets, too). They allow you to sit these items next to each other rather than stacking them on top of each other, which makes them SO much easier to access.

While it would be nice, you don’t need a completely new kitchen to make the most out of the one you have.

Knowing how to organize corner kitchen cabinets will allow you to determine the best options for optimizing your awkward corner spaces, and a little effort will truly go a long way!

I hope that these corner cabinet ideas help to get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with the best solution for your home and family.

If you have any additional ideas for organizing and optimizing a corner storage space, please drop them in the comments. No links, please. Just helpful tips for other community members to read. 🙂

Also feel free to drop questions below if you need any help coming up with a solution for your unique situation. I’m here to help!

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading!

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