20 Useful and Fun 1 Year Old Easter Basket Ideas on Amazon

If you’re on the hunt for 1 year old Easter basket ideas, this momma has your back!

Even though I despise clutter, I still want our little guy to enjoy the Easter Sunday traditions that I did growing up. That includes waking up to a basket packed full of goodies on Easter morning!

I mean little kids are only little for so long. Plus, these traditions are one of the many things that make parenting so much fun.

That said, I’m willing to go against the grain of my minimalist mom ways to experience these special moments with our son.

My only rule is this: Whatever I buy has to be useful to our family. It has to engage, educate, entertain, or be edible!

Things that I know will just sit there and collect dust, like a stuffed animal or those adorable bunny ears, are out of the question.

If you’re of the same mindset, then this post is definitely for you.

Scroll down for a roundup of 20 great Easter basket fillers for 1 year olds that are both useful and fun!

A collage with 1 year old Easter basket ideas including sidewalk chalk with an easy grip handle, hide and squeak eggs, bubble guns, pre-filled Easter eggs, Easter egg crayons, and a My First Easter Coloring Book.

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Roundup: 1 Year Old Easter Basket Ideas

Here are the best Easter basket ideas for 1 year olds! To shop these finds, just click on the product pictures or the “shop” buttons that are under them.

1. Pop Fidget Toys

We love keeping small toys – like pop fidget toys– in the car! You never know when your little is going to need the distraction.

These fun shapes make them that much more perfect for you baby’s Easter basket!

2. Soft Books

At this age, I’m still a fan of soft books. I don’t know about your kid(s), but our little Luca still likes putting everything in his mouth. Rather than fighting with him, we opt for soft books that he can’t chew up or tear apart.

We actually have this exact set and absolutely love it! They are colorful, educational, and they came in a nice little carrying case.

3. My First Coloring Book

Coloring books are one of those perfect basket stuffers for all ages – even 1 year olds!

The My First Easter Coloring Book is super cute and perfect for the occasion. Don’t forget to buy Easter egg shaped crayons to pair with it. They’re easier for little hands to grasp.

4. Hide and Squeak Eggs

These hide and squeak plastic eggs are adorable and educational. They can be used for several different activities – you can match them, sort them, and make them chirp.

5. Pre-Filled Easter Eggs

Pre-filled eggs work for a baby Easter basket, but they’re perfect for an easter egg hunt, too! There are so many options on Amazon, but I think the plastic eggs stuffed with finger puppets are great for this age group.

6. Sidewalk Chalk

I’m a big fan of outdoor activities, and sidewalk chalk is a classic.

This tub of sidewalk chalk was made for younger toddlers because each piece is attached to an easy grip handle.

7. Bubble Machine

Bubble machines – like these little bubble guns – are a lot of fun. They’re another great way to spend time with your 1 year old outside. And they’re not as messy as bubble wands!

8. Flash Cards on a Ring

Small educational toys are a great addition to a 1 year olds Easter basket! I love flash cards on a ring because they’re mess-free, easy to transport, and super engaging. If you you’re ever traveling with a baby, I highly recommend throwing these in your bag!

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9. Bath Toys or Activities

Bath toys are one of those 1 year old Easter basket ideas that you just can’t go wrong with. There are so many options to choose from – from bath paints to Easter themed rubber duckies. No matter what you choose, one thing is certain – it’ll make bath time so much more fun!

10. Montessori Toy Carrot Harvest Game

We’re big fans of wooden toys, and this carrot harvest game really suits the 1 year old Easter basket theme! The carrots and holes are different sizes, so this is great for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and dexterity.

11. Balls

You can opt for sensory balls or mini sports balls, just make sure it’s something that their little hands can hold on to!

12. Wooden Puzzles

This wooden puzzle set is the perfect size for an Easter basket. It includes 4 puzzles total – a little duck, a little bunny, an Easter egg, and carrots.

13. Spring Outfit

This is one of my favorite Easter basket ideas because you’re likely going to buy some new spring clothes anyways! You could even do an adorable Easter outfit that can be worn throughout the spring to maximize use.

If you haven’t yet, check out Hope and Henry on Amazon. It’s an adorable children’s boutique with so many unique pieces!

14. Swimsuit

This is another one of those 1 year old Easter basket ideas that’s a no-brainer, because chances are you’re going to have to get your little a swimsuit ahead of summer anyways.

The Ruggedbutts store on Amazon has so many cute swim options for kids. They even having matching swimwear for little girls and little boys!

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15. Shoes

If you bought an outfit or swimsuit, a pair of shoes to match would be a fun addition to your baby’s Easter basket. Or you could just get something super versatile, like a neutral pair of sneakers that they can run around in.

16. Teethers

At this age you really can’t have too many teethers, and this Easter bunny and carrot teether set makes a perfect little gift.

17. Sippy Cup

Sippy cups are always a good idea. The seem to vanish like socks in our house!

This 4-pack sippy cup set comes in so many different colors, and they’re made of recycled milk jugs! We actually own and love these. They’re spill-proof, dishwasher safe, and really nice quality.

If you don’t need all 4, but you have other little family members to buy for, you could always gift them individually.

18. Snack Cup

Very specifically, this snack cup with a lid. We just bought one for Luca and absolutely love it. It’s made of soft silicone to protect little hands reaching in and out. And the handles are nice and big so little hands can easily grab onto them.

You don’t often see snack cups like this with a lid, which is another reason why this one stuck out to me – you can keep your snacks fresh! Those things are not cheap, haha.

19. Toothbrush Set

Sure, they might already have a toothbrush, but they’ll eventually need another one! Or you can keep the extra in their diaper bag for overnights or emergencies (our Luca loves getting sick in the car).

For a fun, thoughtful touch, snag a toothbrush set with their favorite character or animal on it.

20. Easter Treats

If you want to add some sweet treats into your 1 year olds Easter basket, obviously chocolate eggs and jelly beans are out of the question. But Annie’s Organic sells some super yummy graham cracker chocolate bunnies, so those could be perfect additions.

You could also just do a variety of puree pouches. Those always come in handy when you’re on the go.

I hope these suggestions help you put together an equally practical and adorable Easter basket for your little.

And I hope they offer you hours of fun together, too.

Whether it’s enjoying a snack or engaging in play, time together is truly one of the best Easter gifts you can give.

If you use any of these ideas, please post them and tag me on Instagram so I can see and share. I love seeing which recommendations you all found to be helpful. 🙂 My username is @itsmemeachgo follow me if you haven’t already!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

Do your best today!