Step Inside Our Sweet and Simple Gender Neutral Nursery

Well, it took 36 weeks, but our gender neutral nursery is finally ready for its big reveal! 🙂

I’m really proud of and excited about this space! It honestly turned out exactly as we envisioned. It’s simple, modern, peaceful, and youthful. And, best of all, it can be reused without much work (literally the swap of a single sign) if Dane and I are blessed with a baby girl in the future.

That said, if you’re looking for gender neutral nursery ideas scroll down. Below I’ve included a bunch of pictures of our gender neutral nursery, some details about the space, and product links so you can shop what’s inside!

PLEASE NOTE: This post includes affiliate links for a variety of retailers, including Amazon. If you click on one and make a purchase, we could earn commission. This comes at no expense to you as the buyer, but it keeps this blog alive. Thank you in advance for your support!

Gender neutral nursery inspiration with woodland animals detail via MORE by Meach Simple Lifestyle Blog.

Our Gender Neutral Nursery Theme

Honestly, I’m not really big on themes so much as vibes. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you, but it makes total sense to me, lol! 😉 But as I laid out the vision board for this space it kind of took on a woodland animals nursery theme. It was totally unintentional. But we wanted to make sure that we incorporated some youthful elements, since of course it’s a baby’s room, and animals were equally easy and neutral.

Gender neutral nursery ideas - a natural wood corner shelf with neutral stuffed animals and other wooden nursery signs.
Gender neutral nursery idea - custom wooden letter ledges above a white crib.

Our Gender Neutral Nursery Colors

As you can see, we chose to cover the nursery in greys, tans, and natural color woods. But we also added some sage green accents (my absolute favorite color!) to spruce things up a bit. We figured if we are blessed with a girl in the future, this scheme would be so easy to work with. Sure, we could leave it the same (minus the “Boys Were Made for Adventure” sign). OR I could add some feminine accents (maybe some neutral floral sheets or decor) if I felt compelled (that’s pretty much is inevitable, lol).

A gender neutral nursery diaper changing station including a bumbo diaper changing pad, a Frida Baby humidifier, simple stuffed bear, Ubbi diaper pail, and neutral nursery storage baskets.
A gender neutral nursery idea featuring a gray nursery glider recliner, fringe pouf, natural wood side table set, stuffed dino, blanket bin, and Hatch sound machine.


A gender neutral nursery idea featuring woodland animal prints as well as natural wood and white bookshelves.

Our Gender Neutral Nursery Decor

As for our gender neutral nursery decor, we got it all from a hodgepodge of places – mainly BuyBuyBaby, Target, and Amazon. But we also found some great items on Etsy as well as in store at Homegoods, Homesense, and Hobby Lobby.

The biggest tip I can give you if you’re putting together a gender neutral nursery – or any room, really – is to mock it up first!! That way you can shop without a ton of trial and error. You can do this using powerpoint or even the free version of Canva. Simply pull in screenshots of items you’re interested in and continue to swap things out until everything coordinates. To make things even easier, start with big items first (like your crib, dresser, glider, etc.), then add accents.

I actually mocked up our nursery before our baby shower and added the majority of what’s in there to our baby shower registry. Thankfully, our guests actually purchased off of our registry and we ended up getting most of what we needed gifted to us. So there’s another nursery decorating tip for you if you want to save some mullah! 😉

A close up of Meach's gender neutral nursery decor including a stuffed dino, Hatch sound machine, blanket basket, and fringe pouf.
An affordable natural wood and white bookshelf for nursery.

Our Gender Neutral Nursery Links

As promised, below are the links to most of what’s in our simple gender neutral nursery.

Unfortunately, not everything is linkable and/or available on the internet. BUT I did search high and low for similar items and have included several options of them here.

That said, here’s a breakdown by category. All you have to do is hit the arrows to scroll through the products. And if you click on the product photos you can shop them directly from the website they’re featured on.


Crib and Dresser Options

Shelf and Table Options

Glider and Pouf Options


Stuffed Animal Options

Wall Art Options



I hope this gender neutral nursery inspiration helps you put together a space that brings you joy! And if it does, I hope you share on social and tag me so I can see! I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, so don’t be a stranger. 🙂

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. Come back soon!