20+ Chic and Affordable Woodland Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home

If you follow along here frequently, then you know that I’m all about neutral, versatile pieces. And that even holds true during the holiday season! Which is why Dane and I chose to go with the woodland Christmas theme above all others.

Not only do we love the overall look of the woodland theme, but we appreciate that woodland Christmas decor pieces blend in to just about any space. It’s nice to know that as we change our home decor over the years, the holiday decorations we’ve invested in can still be used. Plus, this theme truly encompasses the beauty of nature and creates the perfect backdrop for all of the memories to be made during the holiday season!

That said, if you’re looking for a clean and flexible Christmas theme, I highly recommend the woodland Christmas theme! From natural elements to faux fur pieces, there are lots of ways you can work it to add a bit of playfulness and make it your own. And I’m here to help!

Below I’ve listed and linked 20+ chic and (for the most part) affordable woodland Christmas decorating ideas that you can implement in your home.

But before you scroll, note that some Christmas decorations are simply more of an investment than others. I know most people don’t have the budget to buy all of this stuff at once – we definitely didn’t. We still don’t have everything we want and we adopted this theme back in 2017!

SO do what you can now and just continue to add as you’re able. Be sure to pin this post on Pinterest so you can come back to it as you do!

Now let’s jump into it…

A collage of woodland Christmas decorating ideas including a neutral nativity scene, woodland Santa, wood bead garland, small rustic trees, cable knit tree skirt, cedar wreath, rattan star tree topper, and more!

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Pine Cones

Pine cones are such an easy way to incorporate natural materials into this theme. You can use them in centerpieces or hang them on your tree. And if you want them to look extra chic, you could always opt for white tipped pine cones.

Tabletop Tree

Adding a small rustic Christmas tree (or a few) to a side table or shelf is a great way to add a pop of color to this otherwise neutral theme. Small trees are nice for filling in gaps in centerpieces and nativity scenes, too.

Woodland Creatures

Woodland animals, like reindeer and owls, are so adorable! You could buy woodland Christmas ornaments to add to your woodland Christmas tree, get decorative woodland animal knick knacks to place around the house, or both!


From plain cedar wreaths to more rustic Christmas wreaths, these are great for sprucing up doors and windows. Personally, I love the look of a small wreath in the center of a window. We do this in our dining room and it’s a fun little touch!

Cedar Garland

Even the simplest cedar garland adds a gorgeous, festive touch to railings, tables, countertops, mantles, and more! It’s one of the easiest, most impactful ways to add natural accents around your entire home.

Mason Jars

If you’re into DIY, there are so many great (and cheap!) woodland Christmas decorating ideas that can be done with mason jars! I pinned some ideas on my Woodland Christmas Decor Ideas board over on Pinterest, so head there after you read this post if you want to get your wheels turning. Be sure to follow me while you’re there. 🙂

PS: If you’re not into DIY, no worries. The images above are all items you can purchased pre-made on Etsy.

Silver and Gold Ornaments

This is one of those woodland Christmas decorating ideas that will make the theme more chic on the cheap.

Adding plain gold and silver balls towards the inside of your tree will give it an extra, subtle sparkle. We have the shatterproof ornaments from Target that are linked above and they work perfectly.

Wooden Ornaments

Wooden ornaments come in such a wide variety. Whether you want more rustic ornaments or more chic, there are options for you. The above are some of my personal favorites available this year!

Other Single Ornaments

Buying a variety of single ornaments, especially those that have meaning, is a great way to personalize your Christmas tree. Dane and I have ornaments that commemorate our engagement, wedding, and the places we’ve traveled together. We also have some that represent our personalities, favorite things, and family traditions (like our pickle Christmas ornament). Again, I’ve linked some of my favorite ideas above!

Wood Bead Garlands

Wood bead garlands look great on a tree, but you can also drape them on a wall (like you would a banner) or mantle.

Woodland Santa

Our Woodland Santa is easily one of our favorite pieces!I mean, how cute are these guys? They make great filler decor for hutches, shelves, and tables.

Wood Slice

Wood slices are another great way to add wood accents around the house, especially if you’re going for a more rustic theme. You can get small ones to use as coasters or large ones to use for centerpieces and dining plate saucers.

Pine Sprigs

Like table top trees, pine sprigs are a nice way to add a pop of color throughout your home. You can put them in a simple vase, use them as place setting decor, and so much more.

Clear Lights

Clear lights are a woodland Christmas decor must have! You can wrap them around your tree (if of course you don’t already have a pre-lit tree) and railings. You can also string small clear lights through your centerpieces, Christmas village, nativity scene and/or table top decor.

IMO, you can never have too much sparkle or glow during the holiday season!

Faux Snow

Fake snow is another great way to pull natural elements into your woodlands theme Christmas decor. Plus, it can add texture and brightness to nativity scenes, villages, and more.

Tree Skirt

For the woodland theme, burlap tree skirts, faux fur tree skirts, and even cable knit tree skirts work well.

Tree Collar

Last year Dane and I traded in our burlap tree skirt for a tree collar. We like the coverage of it compared to a tree skirt, but it truly is all about preference.

Tree Topper

If you want to get super creative, you can place a bunch of twigs and other natural elements at the top of your tree. But if you want to keep it easy like us, a simple tree topper will do. Personally, I think rattan tree toppers are best for the woodland theme vibe!

Faux Fur Stockings

This is another one to file under super chic woodland Christmas decor ideas! Dane and I like using faux fur elements to add texture. Plus, it creates such a cozy, warm Christmas vibe!

PS: We own the faux fur stockings from Pottery Barn pictured above and love them! You can customize them for free, too. Just know that if you customize, you can’t return.

Faux Fur Throws

If you’re not a fan of faux fur stockings, faux fur throws are the way to go. Or you can do both!

Nativity Scene

Anything in a neutral color palette will do! You can add other elements (like greenery and lights) to make it that much more fun and interesting.

Wood Signs

Stores like Target, Michaels, and even Etsy have great wood signs on the cheap. These can be used at your coffee station, within your centerpieces (like placed within a tiered tray), on a bathroom sink or shelf, etc.


Lanterns are one of my favorite outdoor Christmas decorations, but they can be used indoors (like next to your tree or on a shelf) as well.


Centerpieces are necessary for your dining table and coffee table! All of the options above are super cute and very affordable!

I hope these woodland Christmas decorating ideas got your creative juices flowing!

I also hope they proved that the woodland Christmas theme isn’t limited to rustic Christmas decorations. It truly can be super chic! And the best part is that it allows for longevity no matter which way you choose to spin it. Here are some samples from my own home…

Meach's Woodland Christmas Tree
Tiered Tray With Woodland Christmas Decor
Meach's Woodland Christmas Tree
Tiered Tray With Woodland Christmas Decor
Woodland Christmas Decorating Ideas

All that being said, if you want a Christmas decor theme that really goes the distance, try this! And, if you do, be sure to tag me on social media to show me your work. I’m in Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and would love to hear from you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

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