6 Easy Tips for Simpler Living and More Happiness

Doesn’t it feel like we’re constantly being told that our lives could be better? If only we had more, did more, were more (fill in the blank!)…

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t gotten caught up in that rat race. I’ve bought things I didn’t need, worked 80 hour weeks, and attempted the corporate ladder climb. All because I thought these thing, at some point, would lead me to happiness.

In reality, they just lead me straight into a cycle of stress, anxiety, and burnout. Maybe you can relate?

Sadly, I lived on this cycle for years. And despite many attempts to get out of it, nothing ever seemed to work long term.

Then one day, in the midst of a closet clean out, I realized that my wardrobe wasn’t the only thing in my life that needed a solid purge. There was a lot of physical and mental baggage I was carrying that needed to be decluttered, too.

Almost immediately, I started combing through my life – my career, my belongings, my to-do list, etc. – searching for things that regularly resulted in overwhelm. Then I got to work, simplifying everything until my life felt manageable.

It was in this process that I learned how stupid simple happiness really is.

Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn’t require a bunch of things, a lot of work, or an impressive job. In fact, those things could actually prevent you from achieving it.

So if you’re sick of feeling like you have to buy more, do more, or become more in order to be happy; If you’ve tried all of these things without reward; I want you to know you’re not alone.

I invite you to hit the pause button, and I challenge you to simplify.

It’s easier than you think, I swear. And it’s totally worth the feelings of freedom, fulfillment, and joy you’ll feel once you get there.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging! Here’s how I started living simply – and reaping the many benefits of a simple life – and how you can, too!


First thing’s first – what does living simply mean? 

In my opinion, there’s a clear distinction between creating a simple life and becoming a minimalist. To me, living simply is about creating a life that feels manageable. It’s about living intentionally.

That said, it looks different for everyone. Any areas of your life that make you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, could benefit from simplicity.

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How to start living simply – in actionable steps!

1. Clean up your calendar.

This means evaluating your responsibilities, commitments, and time management skills (or lack thereof) and adjusting to create more space. You don’t have to be busy all the time. In fact, doing nothing could be good for you.

The Joy of Missing Out” by Tonya Dalton is a great resource for this! It’s one of my all time fravorite books simply because it’s so eye opening. It really puts life into persopective and helps you understand your personal values and priorities. Even if you think you know, this book is a solid gut check! I credit it with helping me clean up my calendar and in many ways my life.

Of course, this FREE priority planner is also a great tool in organizing your days and weeks. I created it to make sure my life stayed on track, and when it worked I turned it into a free downloadable for all of you! You can get it right here

2. Eat simply.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it doesn’t bring you joy (or takes up too much time!), then cut down your menu.

There are so many great simple meals out there, you’re bound to find some that you and/or your family will love. I pin easy healthy meals to this board regularly, so feel free to give it a follow if you need inspiration. 

Also, this apple cinnamon smoothie recipe makes a great breakfast for on the go. My husband loves it, my young nieces love it, and it takes very little effort. 

3. Declutter your home.

Believe it or not, your physical environment can impact your wellbeing. It can influence your mood, behavior, and even your stress level. That said, a cluttered home can lead to a lack of motivation and feelings of stress and anxiety. 

In using the Marie Kondo method – only keeping things that you use and that “spark joy” – you’ll ultimately create an environment you can thrive in. And it’ll be actually be manageable. 

No joke, the first time I followed the Marie Kondo method I sent a friend home with a car load of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I purge my house regularly, and even then it was crazy to see how much I ways holding onto for no real reason. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to so many things. But the major perk was that it made someone else’s day. It also made putting away laundry (the one chore I loathe) so much easier!

4. Build a closet around simple fashion.

This just means investing in wardrobe essentials rather than trendy fast fashion. Trust me, you can still create cute outfits! Wardrobe essentials never go out of style. 

I’ve created seasonal capsule wardrobes for myself and recommend you do the same. Simple fashion bloggers like Fashion Jackson (she’s my fav!!) are great resources for easy outfit ideas, too.

5. Indulge in simple pleasures. 

Take up iPhone photography, do a little DIY project, or journal. Heck, if you want to sit around the campfire with your friends and have a s’mores recipe competition, by all means. 

Life is way too short to look past the little things. But before I started living simply, I did regularly. I was so caught up with work and trying to do all the things, even when they didn’t serve me; Even though they continued to give me anxiety. Now, I have so much more time to do the things that I love and truly be present. I have to say, that’s probably the best part of this lifestyle change. 

6. Organize your finances. 

Are you spending too much? Not much at all? You should always know where you stand financially, even if that means creating and abiding by a budget.

To save yourself time and mental energy, automate any bills that you can. That’s the perk of living simply in a modern world, you can leverage technology to your advantage.

To my surprise and delight, doing these things allowed me to start living my best life. I truly believe they can help you live your best life, too. 

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