Unique Wine Snack Pairings & Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas

There’s no denying that wine is a holiday party staple. These days, it’s pretty customary for hosts to provide their guests with a few bottles alongside a charcuterie board or something similar. Likewise, it’s typical for guests to hand their hosts a “thank you” bottle upon arrival. But while I’m all for rituals, I also feel the way wine is served and gifted has become a bit basic. Now don’t get me wrong, basic is not necessarily a bad thing. But the holiday season is packed full of parties and gifts; do you really want yours to blend in? After all, it’s the thought that counts. 😉 So today I’m sharing a few stand-out ways to pair and present wine, whether you’re playing party host or guest.Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas

Unique Wine Pairing Ideas of Hosts/Hostesses

People tend to purchase and pair their wines around the hot dishes and appetizers they’re serving. But if you don’t plan on offering an extravagant meal or heavy appetizers at your holiday party, coordinating your wine selection with snacks is a great option! And you can find everything you need very easily and affordably at Discount Drug Mart. This month especially, they’re offering special (and amazing) pricing on a variety of brands for the month of December. Here are a few wine pairing ideas to consider:

1. Chardonnay and Popcorn:

Popcorn is nice and light, which is actually refreshing this time of year considering how calorie-dense party snacks tend to be. And surprisingly, it pairs incredibly with chardonnay, bringing out the “nutty” and “buttery” flavors in the wine. I prefer to serve and gift the Golden Chardonnay by Ménage à Trois because it has a great flavor and price point.

Unique Wine Snack Pairings

2. Cabernet Sauvignon and Corn Chips:

Yeah, corn chips! And the more flavorful, the better. So don’t be afraid to reach for a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos or something similar. The bold flavors will make the wine really pop. I recommend the cabernet sauvignon by 19 crimes. It’s really good, but beyond that the label makes for an awesome topic of conversation. You can download an app called “living labels” to literally watch the label come to life. It’s brilliant!

Unique Wine Snack Pairings

3. Merlot and Chocolate Covered Pretzels:

Merlot is a flexible wine in that it goes well with pretty much anything, but especially snacks that are sweet and salty. Which is probably why I think it tastes exceptional with chocolate covered pretzels – trust me on this one! My merlot of choice is made by Robert Mondavi. It’s aged in repurposed bourbon barrels which provide a unique, yet delicious flavor.

Unique Wine Snack Pairings

Unique Wine Snack Pairings

Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas for Party Guests

Wine does make for a wonderful host/hostess gift. But I feel like throwing it in a gift bag is so blah (although I’m not one to judge because I’ve totally done it, haha). That said, here are a few unique wine bottle wrapping ideas to consider when attending your holiday parties. And with items that you can find around your house.

1. Tube Socks:

Tube socks work well for larger, curvier bottles like that of the Ménage à Trois Golden Chardonnay because they form to the figure. Use one sock to cover the bottle and the other to tie around the top and voila! It’s like two gifts in one.

Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrap:

Wrap a single, clean-cut strip around the body of the bottle, add a bow and you’re good to go! I recommend reserving this wine bottle wrapping idea for slim, straight bottles (like those of 19 Crimes) as it’s a little tricky with curvier varieties.

Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas

Dish Towel:

Everyone uses dish towels, so this is another “two for one” option. Personally, I think slim, straight bottles like the Robert Mondavi merlot work best. In this instance, I folded the towel so it was slightly taller than the bottle. Then I rolled the bottle in it from left to right. Pro tip – tape the towel to the bottle first as it will help for a smoother roll. Cinch the excess at the top with ribbon or string and you’ll be on your way.

Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas

Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas

Wine Bottle Wrapping Ideas

I hope these ideas inspire you to get a little bit more creative with how you serve and gift wine this holiday season. And DO NOT forget that Discount Drug Mart is THE place to go to get all of your wine, wine pairing, and even wine wrapping supplies. They always offer state minimums on their wine and beer selections, but like I mentioned, this month they have kicked it up a notch with special pricing. There’s truly nothing easier or more affordable. Not sure where to find one? CLICK HERE to find out the closest Discount Drug Mart near you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. I hope to see you again soon.