This is How to Make Awesome Gift Baskets for Women (On a Budget)

No matter the occasion, giving a gift basket or gift box is always a great idea. Not only do they offer variety, but they can be super practical, too.

I’ve noticed lately, though, that a lot of the premade gift baskets for women out there are pretty pricey. And while I totally understand the convenience factor, I also get that some people might not want to spend $75+ on a single gift.

So I decided to see if I could create an awesome gift basket for women for far less. Something I would be super pumped to receive myself.

I set my pricing goal for right around $50.00 each. And with a little help from Amazon and Etsy, I ended up coming up with these awesome gift baskets for women…

A picture of an affordable DIY gift basket for women created by Meach.

Not too shabby, huh?

Between the various gifts, gift boxes, and filler these DIY gift baskets for women landed at $51.00 each!

And the mug is a good chunk of that.

So, truly, if you wanted to create gift baskets for women for even cheaper, you could skip the mug and get the pricing down to around $30.00 each. Or just buy a cheaper mug!

Either way, that’s way better than $75.00+! Right?

So whether you’re creating a gift box for Christmas or a gift box for Mother’s day, here’s how you can create gift baskets for women on the cheap.

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What to Put in a Gift Basket for Women

Truly, you can put anything in a gift basket.

But the best way to keep costs down is to purchase practical items in bulk.

While you may not need to create a bunch of gift baskets at once, you can always save extras and use them later.

That said, here’s what I put in the DIY gift boxes for women shown…

Face mask samples from Formula 10.0.6 – a skincare brand I’m completely obsessed with and totally swear by.

The cutest wool crew socks in fun, bright colors.

The softest hand lotion ever!! Seriously, everyone I’ve ever given this to has become obsessed.

Highly-rated organic lip balm.

A few no crease hair ties. Again, I use these daily and absolutely swear by them!

Some cute, colorful pens.

Some fun, motivational stickers that can be put on water bottles, laptops, etc.

And last, but certainly not least – a cute coffee mug. Naturally, I showcased one of my own designs from my Etsy shop. But any cute mug will do. 😋

How to Make a Gift Basket:

Once you’ve selected what you’re going to put in your gift basket, you’ll want to decide on a container to house everything in.

Sure, you can use an actual basket and wrap it in cellophane. I feel like that’s very traditional. And it always looks nice!

However, memory boxes are far cheaper – usually right around $2. They’re compact and lightweight, too. So if you’re shipping your diy gift box to someone, this is the best route to go!

Regardless, your strategy for assembling your gift should be the same – place the heaviest item(s) in the middle of the container to keep it balanced. Then layer in the lighter items, ideally placing them so everything can be seen.

A picture of an affordable DIY gift basket for women created by Meach.

Unless you’re copying my pictures exactly (which I encourage you to do, by the way!), arranging the items within your container may take some trial and error. If you find yourself getting super frustrated, don’t hesitate to check out some gift basket ideas on Pinterest for inspiration (follow me over there while you’re at it!). You don’t have to do this alone!

I hope this has inspired you to create gift boxes for friends and family members! They’re seriously such thoughtful gifts, and they’re so easy and affordable to create!

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